All of us in childhood dream to hover above the ground, not only in a dream, but in reality. At the expiration of years, this desire is not lost. Become pilots for all will not work, and look at the ground with a bird's-eye view is available to everyone. Now there are special clubs in many cities, where anyone at an affordable price can ride on a hot air balloon. It is possible to carry out a flight alone or with friends. The variant of a romantic flight with your loved one or just a flight of three.

History balloon.

Balloon, how to properly called balloon, for the first time raised the Montgolfier brothers. The event occurred in 1738 году. Launched practically does not differ from the modern ball, it was also filled with hot air and had the same appearance. Two months later, Professor Charles was raised in the air balloon, inside which there was hydrogen. Since then it began air boom, when scholars and lovers of adrenaline began to improve balloons design.

Balloons have been used even as hostilities. В 1840 , the Austrians have decided to use the balloon to throw bombs on the besieged city, but the wind blew the ball on themselves Austrian military. Since the balls do not apply in this area.

For commercial purposes, balloons have been used in 1889 году в Париже. Balloon tied to a solid support rope and let him go to those who wish to board up in the air to a height of 1000 m.

Many people make a balloon flight for the first time. A bit scary. Но для того, to eliminate all negative emotions, You need to have a good mood, cheerful mood, pleasant company and the pursuit of the realization of his childhood dream!

The balloon can be lifted without tearing off the ground in the fastened mode, while the ball is attached to the sturdy rods reliable basis on the ground. He will balance only in a certain plane flight.

When you do decide on a balloon flight alone, with friends or with your loved one, it is necessary to take into account a few simple facts:
* in connection with the activity of airflows flights are carried out with a balloon 6 до 9 morning and 6 до 9 evening, in winter you can fly the whole day;
* in the ball can fly along three passengers and a pilot, weighing no more 300 килограмм;
* pregnant women and babies to 4 are not allowed to fly in a balloon;
* children 4 до 12 years may carry out a balloon only under the supervision of a parent;
* balloon flying at an altitude of 300 до 500 meters from the ground, so you need to wear a summer jacket and a hat, and in winter it is best suitable ski suit;
* girls and women can not fly in skirts and heels, as such it is impossible to get into the shopping cart;
* flight is not carried out, if there is precipitation and the wind is stronger 4 meters per second.
on flight prices everywhere different, from 150 долларов до 300 долларов. But this is a small price for those thrill, you get during flight.

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