Useful stuff for winter fishing

If fishing is not permanent hobby for you, but rather a one-time event, it is possible to do without some of the attributes of winter fishing. But if the hunt for underwater inhabitants carries you on the ice every weekend, and you focus not only on the process, but also on the results, Use our tips and get the below-mentioned equipment.

Fishing box - a feature-rich and versatile thing in the winter time. This box is made of different materials, from plywood and particleboard, and ending with plastic and foam. The latter material is the most convenient because of its lightness and thermal insulation, and is used in the most advanced and expensive models of the box. Its main function - is the storage of the drilling tool, with Nastya, fished and caught fish and bait. Also, the box serves as a fisherman chair and thermos for food storage.

Selecting the box settles personal preferences of its owner, but, There are several general recommendations. If you catch a fishing rod with fishing float and a static, the box is better to choose higher, so long sitting on it will be more comfortable. If you catch a fish on a jig, it is better to give preference to the middle drawer. Using the spinner does not require roominess and high box, Therefore, preference is given to the smallest models, and purchase additional seating folding chair - so it will be easier to navigate through the pond. Do not forget about sounder lowrance mark-5x, which will certainly find its application on a fishing trip.

Another useful item of fishing tackle is a ladle. He needed to clean the wells of crushed ice, Updates frozen holes and cleaning the drill. Metal models are more durable and functional, but plastics are more easily.

If your goal is a big fish, then no harm will bagorik. It is always better to keep on hand, eg, to boot. Many prefer folding mechanism, which are easy to install and very compact. An important part of this device is a handle, which must be made of non-slip material.

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