Poland - European country

Poland - European countryPoland - a modern European country. The territory of Poland is located in Central Europe and occupies about 312 thousand square. m. The country has more 38 million. человек. For tourists Poland is open all year round, as climatic conditions are quite good.

All the rulers of Poland with special attention to the country's historical values, therefore, in Poland a lot of architectural monuments. When tourists first appear in the streets of historic centers in Poland, they have the impression, that the architecture has a single purpose - to impress their imagination. In the center of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is the "identikit" of the old center. Many tourists do not even know, it's just a copy, rather than the original, so she skillfully done. Get a visa to Poland very simple.

Krakow, the ancient capital of Poland - a very beautiful city. He is very popular among tourists. Krakow's architecture creates an extraordinary atmosphere, that pervades every tourist, visited this city. In Krakow is the fourth part of all the works of art Poland. So every year in Krakow held a lot of activities: festivals, concerts, etc.. Along with the beautiful architecture, Krakow has a lot of parks, green spaces, holiday complexes. Other Polish cities are also interesting to visit, because they contain a cultural and historical value of the country.

Poland is rich in natural resources. Mazury Lake District in the north-east of Poland consists of two thousand lakes. Near the lakes are beautiful woodlands, different reservoirs. The country has also developed a winter holiday. Zakopane, Krynica - a very popular European ski resorts.

Poland is always open for all tourists, to visit her. Only, Visited in Poland you can see and feel for yourself the hospitality of the Poles, as well as experience the unique atmosphere of the country.

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