To choose a bike

To choose a bikeChoose the right bike - a very difficult task, especially if you are a novice and did not accurately represent, what you need. From a huge selection of bikes, represented in the stores, can run up eyes. The first thing to find out, that all bikes are conventionally divided into three types: for newbies, for amateur and professional athletes. The main difference is the quality of materials, Bikes are available and its price, Read more on

Bike for beginners will help you to, to whom it is necessary for brief visits for short distances, eg, in the woods or in the park. Here are not very expensive mountain, city ​​and hybrid bikes. Hybrid (tourist) bicycles combine the qualities of mining and highway, and are essential to travel on good roads and forest. City bikes are not suitable for velopokhodov, but irreplaceable in the city or on the highway. The advantages of such a bike is easy, reliability and minimum care for it.

Bicycle enthusiasts presented more complex and advanced models, than for beginners. It is not worth saving and you need to take seriously the selection of technology. The first requirement is to pay attention to bike weight, nakatistost suspension and frame class. The model should be selected strictly individually, depending on destination bike.

Bicycles for professional athletes represent the most famous work of art of engineers and designers, than just bikes. These include track and road racing bike. Track models have the lowest weight, and specially designed for competition. They are not equipped with brakes and are not suitable for riding out tracks. Road Bikes help develop tremendous speed on the straight sections of the road.

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