Benefits of professional metal detectors

Benefits of professional metal detectors Manufacturers of metal detectors do everything possible, to give searchers sensitive devices, allowing a glimpse into the soil stratum. Most fortunate professional searchers, who can "hear" the signals of metal detectors. They issued the relevant class devices, possessing unsurpassed technical characteristics. If you have experience with the "younger" devices, and experience gives excellent results, so, it's time to buy a metal detector from the older segment. Professional metal detectors operate on the same technology, as well as their younger gather. They are characterized by greater sensitivity and improved recognition of types of metals. Customizable discriminators will not miss an important discovery, and high sensitivity allows a peek at a depth of two meters.

A large number of search programs provides an opportunity to start searching for devices without first setting. In some models, there is a possibility to set personal search programs. Metal producers are endowed with some big screens, which displays information about the maximum target. Besides, they have the following features: sound indication, purposes of exclusion, the appointment of a digital index, compensation of salinity and soil littered, frequency shift. Professionals can recommend buy a metal detector with the ability to select the frequency. This greatly extends the functionality of, increases sensitivity to small targets, as well as to metals with low conductivity (gold and silver). Besides, some professional equipment can boast of having the wireless units and the possibility of replacing the search coils. The youngest line-like functionality is practically nonexistent.

Basic physical principles of operation of metal detectors

For the first time in the history of the induction balance system, later became the basis for the work of metal detectors, It was developed by Heinrich Dofe, the famous German physicist. Currently, the system has been subject to some changes, but so far it has retained its original wording. Although most modern metal detectors and operate at different frequencies.

This difference, first of all, associated with the physical nature of propagation of electromagnetic waves. That is why every Treasure Hunt store can offer the consumer devices, possessing greater depth of detection of objects of impressive dimensions. such equipment, usually, is not able to notice the metal on the surface. Other models, on the contrary - can detect objects, shallow and even hidden in the surface and on it, but do not respond to large objects in the soil depth.

Deep metal detectors are capable of detecting objects at a depth of up to 4 meters, at the maximum operating frequency 6.6 kHz.

Ground detectors have frequencies, almost five times higher, and seeks to find details at a depth of no more than two feet


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