Cooking in the campaign

Cooking in the campaignIt is impossible not to agree, that food – important part of life. Without power there is no life. But how to cook food in the campaigns? After all, they can be quite lengthy and feed them a must.

Of course, it would be good to prepare for this campaign, for their own convenience,. Мало просто взять фотоаппарат и отправиться в поход. We need to bring your pots, burner, spoons, fork and all the necessary products. This action will help to relax pretty impressive. But, if you do not bother to stock up on food for your hike the, will fall some work to do, so tell stay active. If you are located near the river, It is the surest way of getting food - fishing. Freshly caught fish can be stored by wrapping her wet grass, or you can cook it immediately. Cook the fish on skewers or you can, roast it over a fire. Fish must be free of scales, and if no scales, the skin on. fish, is greater than 10 centimeters should be gut( remove the guts and the blood vessels), after which you can proceed to the most frying.

Game before cooking is necessary to nip. Floating birds easier to pluck dry, others- parboiled. After, as you pluck it must cut off the head, and close to the body, followed her gut. Heart and liver can be put out, it will not only delicious, but also useful. After cooking Avian better to remove the skin, it is much improve the taste, but if you leave it, it does not lose nutritional value. It is also important to know, that scavenging Birds should cook for at least 20 minutes.

There is a Chinese legend, about it, that one man, catching chicken, I found, that he had nothing to cook it, and he decided to bake it into the clay. The chicken was very tasty and nutritious.

Do not forget, that game in our country can be parasites, It is strongly recommended to cook as long as possible.

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