Travel to the island of Saona Island in Dominican Republic

Travel to the island of Saona Island in Dominican Republic

Holiday fell in the autumn. What to do? The holiday season is over. Mushroom season is over. Sit with a fishing rod in wet and slushy weather does not appeal. Who would have the sea! On warm sand! But, Unfortunately, and there are already over the beach season.

Although?! Well, yes ... of course ... You can go to warmer climes! But, Alas. Heavy expenses. not pull.

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And while waiting for the courier, You have time to collect the suitcase. And to the sea! Saona is waiting for you!

Saona Island is the largest island of the Dominican Republic, which is part of the national reserve. It is here that were filmed movies like "Kink Kong", "Jurassic Park" and "Apocalypse Now". On the island there is no hotel, but tours are offered daily.

Once here, you can appreciate the nature firsthand. Mangroves grow simply from salt water, they live more than forty species of fish and shellfish, which will tell you guide. On the island of turtles are found, iguanas and large colorful parrots.
On the Saône is the most well-known golf club "Casa de Campo", next to which are houses of famous golfers, such as Madonna, Bill Gates, Hulio Iglesias. Do not miss the park "Altos de Chavon" – a small copy of a Spanish village of the fifteenth century. Attraction of the park is a huge amphitheater, built for lectures on acting skills.

In between your sightseeing tours, free sipping Dominican rum, you can bask in the lagoon with clear water, whose depth does not exceed one meter. It is possible to catch the starfish and take pictures with it. Be prepared to, that you will not be asked to remove it from the water for longer than three seconds - it can perish. making picture, should be gently lowered to the bottom of a star.

Travel to the island of Saona in Dominikane2

After a day of sightseeing and beach holidays, You gather at a large-scale reception by the sea, pampered with good food, joint singing and dancing at sunset. Late in the evening after you arrive pleasure boats.

Saona appreciated the opportunity goof off and enjoy the beauty of nature. Total for the day of your stay here you can relax your body and soul. Back in the city rhythm, you will nostalgically think back on the azure coast of the Dominican Republic.

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