Путешествие на Плато Путорана

Путешествие на Плато Путорана

Приземлившись в Норильский аэропорт «алыкены», You are immediately confronted with the sad, bezradostnыm landscape, riddled with damp cold permafrost. But, do not be upset. Still ahead. Next will fly by helicopter to the tableland plateau. Once reaches the plateau and then find yourself on the banks of Lake Keta, all changes immediately.

Before the eyes appear quite multifaceted landscapes. Here, against all odds, classic tundra landscapes peacefully coexist with the taiga and southern plants. All this beauty is located in the rugged mountains of the magnificent canyons.

And a great number of rivers and lakes! While very unusual lake, they have a certain similarity with the Scandinavian Skerries. Many lakes have quite a large extent and very deep. Stretching several hundred kilometers, they have created a huge system.
The unique climate of these places has created at least the unique nature.

Putorana plateau - one of the most unique, mysterious and unexplored regions of the Russian North. Here you can find rare birds breed – White-tailed Eagle, krecheta, dark crane, goose-fronted goose - for them, naturally no hunting, they and others, Still rare birds (Total 12 species) – inscribed in the "Red Book".

In winter you can see the snowy owl, but the golden eagle - only in the summer.

It can be seen from the wildlife inhabitants - a rare subspecies of bighorn sheep Putoransky, rosomahu, wolf, bear, cherish, ermine, sable, Hares, moose and migrating in spring and autumn the reindeer.

this unusual, beautiful, but very severe deserted edge, which tourists call "land of a thousand lakes and ten thousand waterfalls" – present expanse for lovers of extreme tourism – fans of rafting, kayaking, catamarans, as well as hunters and anglers.

Putorana plateau is a unique ecosystem, rare in its natural wealth fund. Here are born many Siberian rivers. river, as well as the lake, populated by a huge variety of fish species. The rivers are home to trout, kharius, pike, Sigita, flax, Vivi River and you can even catch a sturgeon, why something is so attractive fishing in the north Anglers from all over Russia.

plateau Putorana, fishing for trout.

Fishing dignity of this area are related to its geographical location:

• Highlands - which means an abundance of clear, pure and cold water, which is a favorite place for salmon habitat, as well as many other species of fish.
• The extreme remoteness from civilization – some reservoirs may be reached only by helicopter, so there is a lot of fish, moreover, very large. From the usual fish can be found here: pike, perch, minnow, Nalimova.

This explains, what fishing on the northern rivers, so popular among avid fishermen.

Fishing and tourism on the plateau Putorana.

Travelers, extreme tours to the north It entails the possibility of communication with wildlife. There is something to wonder and marvel at what.

plateau Putorana, eg, famous for the huge number of waterfalls. Here it is the biggest in our country on the spillway and the highest waterfall.

Waterfall Putorana Plateau
On the plateau of the plants grow, which are not found anywhere else in the world. A Putoransky reserve included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

plateau Putorana
Visit these places! Get a true delight and pleasure of communicating with the pristine natural beauty of this region and of trophy fishing in the local lakes and rivers!

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