Journey to the historical places in Croatia

Journey to the historical places in Croatia

If the road to work is getting longer and longer, a wake-up call in the morning starts unreasonably annoy, so, it's time to start thinking about the rest.

Хорватия – this, perhaps, the, what do you need! Offers tours to Croatia to help solve all your problems - breathe fresh energy, restore strength and will give a lot of impressions.

Wonderful country of Croatia is considered the heart of the Adriatic. It is rich in unique historical and architectural sights.
Lokrum island, which is the second title of "Cursed", It occupies a very small area, but it has a very interesting history.
In the past, the island existed Benedictine Monastery, which he spent some time king Richard the Lionheart. But the fate of this monastery is tragic, it was destroyed by Napoleon Bonaparte.
Currently, the main attraction of the island are considered to be its feathered inhabitants – unique and exotic birds and peacocks.
A huge area of ​​land (about three hectares) It occupies a well-preserved Diocletian's Palace - historical and architectural monument, existing since the times of the Roman Empire.
The palace was built in a rectangular shape and has four main entrances, and sixteen towers, which are located on the perimeter of the palace. Construction Materials, of which the palace was built, deliver mail from around the world. Например, marble for the decoration of the building, brought from Turkey, and columns and sphinxes from Egypt.
At present, the palace and beyond buzzing modern life. There are a large variety of hotels, retail shops and cafes.
Another of Croatia's main attraction is the Roman amphitheater, Dating back to the I century BC. This delightful oldest building takes on its size the sixth place in the world. He is active and is currently. It hosts music concerts, performances, as well as "gladiator" fights, which still enjoy a certain interest among the public.
On the territory of this unique and amazing country is an ancient pirate town of Omis. The town is rich in medieval buildings. Например, Mirabella fortress, built right on the cliff, towering above the town. It has existed since the thirteenth century, At the time, he served as excellent, rescue shelter for the Omis pirates.
Also here is the church of St. Euphemia, which rises from the shores of the city since the sixth century.
Croatia is beautiful not only for its historical and architectural sites. There are also amazing nature, in which there is everything and the sea, and rocks, and magnificent forests, and plains.

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