A trip to Italy and Thailand

Italy - a wonderful country for tourism and recreation. It combines ancient architecture and youth nightclubs, Grace antique sculptures and avant-garde of modern shopping centers. Of course, first and foremost, they want to see travelers in Italy - Venice, mysterious city, forever associated with the sea. Who does not want to feel the indescribable beauty of the senses while sailing canals in gondolas? At the same time with an unforgettable swimming and offers a wonderful view of the city.

But Venice - not a single place in Italy, which is worth a visit. Surely travelers want to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Interesting, that the slope was not foreseen by the architect - from the start tower was designed as a conventional vertical building. Because of erroneous calculations laid the foundation of all three meter, which the, in combination with the soft soil, and was the cause of the gradual inclination of the tower.

by the way, in one of the most picturesque towns on the Italian river - Florence, производят натуральное мыло ручной работы. Buying soap manufacturer, tourist "kills" of three "hares": At first, safeguard itself against the effects of use of means of hygiene, which contain harmful substances; Secondly, Soap can be a wonderful gift for family or friends; third, it will also serve as a nice souvenir after the tour. but tourist, undoubtedly, may acquire Italian handmade soap just before a trip to the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci. So he will get a piece of Italy before, how to go there.

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Another country, which can ride through channels in boats - Thailand. Infinitely mysterious and exotic, he or implies lately to his endless streams of tourists. And more and more popular here becomes bekpekerstvo - independent travel without the use of intermediaries (Tour Operators). Итак, What is worth seeing in Thailand? If you - a lover of ancient architecture, then be sure to visit the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Here are many galleries, temples and libraries, standing visit. One of the most beautiful buildings in the Royal Palace - Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Here it is possible to look at the Buddha statue, garment which vary depending on the time of year.

If you like to watch the animal world - safely head to the Phuket Aquarium. He looks, as the longest tunnel on the ocean floor, and it opens so realistic look, that the impression of the stay in the maritime kingdom. Also be sure to visit the butterfly garden - here you'll get a colorful paradise of melodious birds and a variety of butterflies, swirl around.

But, Having met in Thailand, it should be remembered that, that the water in this country is dirty, it can not be eaten, it is also best to use limited for washing. With such a problem a good job Thai soap Organic Tai (Organic with). it also can be bought in Moscow, and it is even very well in advance to take care of their hygiene and health.

What else should I keep in mind, starting in Thailand - there is actually a very low price, primarily on food. Only if you do not know, since you may be asked too high a cost. It is necessary to insist and to bargain, and then the seller, undoubtedly, reduce the price and take you for "your", or at least a man, familiar with local traditions. So keep in mind this is an unwritten rule and will be able to take maximum rest pleasant and useful.

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