Travel to the city during spring break

Lviv city with beautiful architecture, rich spiritual and cultural tradition. And Lions – a city with a special, his usual romance, city ​​seemed enmeshed in a web of stories, singing flute and tart smell of coffee.

To describe all the beauty of Lviv, you need to write a separate book. This city is called an open air museum, He has over two thousand historical, architectural and cultural attractions.

Well, that students were able to catch in a single day? – only basic.

medieval quarters, shopping area, temples, monasteries, fortifications – all the living history of the beautiful city of Leon. Wandering through the ancient streets you can hear unusual stories from the life of the city and its inhabitants. It thus began a tour for school pupils in Lviv. Narrow streets and squares of the old town disciples went to the Market Square – unique in the area of ​​Ukraine with a colorful history and architectural gems of the Renaissance. Colorful philistine heater, proud town hall in the center of the square, numerous lions, that adorn the facades of houses, fountains and an open-air coffee shops create a unique ambiance ancient times. In this area began wandering school students. They learned about the history of coffee consumption, its path to Europe, the establishment of the traditions of brewing coffee in Lviv.

Street. Armenian school students feel the atmosphere of ancient Lviv, We saw a very colorful “House seasons” and learn fascinating facts about the history of Lviv's Armenians. Street. basement – examined the remains of the city walls. lions – great city of temples – of different ages and styles,. The peak of the Lviv Baroque rightly called Svyatoyursky Cathedral.

A separate theme – Lichakivskoe cemetery. This is something unique in the truth and in the field of Ukraine's extraordinary. Groomed trails and alleys with centennial trees cemetery not recreate ambience, a landscape park. A significant number of diverse sculptures, put on gravestones, – famous craftsmen hand process, whose creations will not leave indifferent those, who see them. sculptures, installed on the graves of famous Ukrainians, remembered forever. Students have not lost the possibility to climb to the observation platform, with which, at the height of the bird's flight it opened a wonderful panoramic views of the evening in Lviv.

This wonderful Excursion to Lviv for students to gain knowledge of Ukrainian history and literature, It was a walk in the middle ages and a real adventure. It is difficult to say whether the beauty will save the once world, but it definitely saves Lions. lions – the city is so good, that it can be safely ascribe to patients within “beauty therapy”.

Good time of year, wonderful coffee and a good guide will allow students to see the beauty, previously hidden from them. But time passed quickly, and they have had to go home. Lions followed them drizzle, and they left him with a slight sadness and gratitude for this wonderful tour. And each of them promised myself at least once to come back.

Speaking of Lviv can be said without exaggeration – it is a very nice city!

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