Traveling with buses Scania

Traveling with buses Scania

Today offers many trips to different countries - by plane, by train, by car, as well as on the bus. The latter option is gradually began to gain popularity 40 years ago. And at the moment it is quite a popular way to travel. Organized tours of the entire Europe, in a few days you can see several European capitals, visit on the Cote d'Azur, generally, come back with a lot of impressions. Like any other type of holiday, this also has its advantages and disadvantages, that we would like to make out below.


1) The opportunity to see several countries in a relatively short period of time. If you start to explore the variety of bus tours, you will notice, that they are designed for short term, about 4-6 days, but covered with several countries. In this way, you are guaranteed to get a lot of impressions, that can not but rejoice.

2) No headaches. You are not traveling alone, and organized and with a group, so you do not have to worry about customs, excursions, currency exchange, language - all these issues are resolved to your guide.

3) The low cost of the tour. The bus - the cheapest form of transport, which could not but affect positively on the cost of the tour. For minimum money, you can see the maximum - in most cases is a decisive factor when choosing travel options.

4) Ability to communicate. The bus will be only your countrymen, so that the lack of communication you will experience. That is so much fun, ease, fun and your trip will take place.


1) Deficiencies are not many, but they are still there. And this, Firstly, the need for most of the time to be on the bus. This means, that you will not be able to properly warm up and be like. Especially in many countries and it is forbidden.

2) Option "Crossing Europe" for many may be more downside, because it stands out relatively little time on the, to explore the city and its attractions.

3) Economy-class housing. Often, to reduce the cost of the tour, travel agencies book accommodation in hotels, which can not be called the most comfortable. relax, take a shower in this institution is unlikely. So pay attention to the hotels, be interested in this tour.

But it is not all that bad, if the trip is organized by bus Scania. Modern and functional, Safe and comfortable Scania bus - the best choice for a tour of Europe. So if your favorite travel agency decided buy Scania, then soon you will be able comfortably to try one of the tours. We wish you only the brightest and most positive experience with the best of Swedish technology Scania!

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