Travel by sea

Travel by sea

You have decided to go on a new journey for you to view- sea ​​cruise. Where to start their preparations, to rest went without a hitch, without a hitch, and left an unforgettable impression.

When choosing a voyage do not need to rely on the opinion of a representative of the travel agency or advertising leaflets. What to know, that you really expect, check reviews on sites, because people, I am staying there, can share your impressions. But we must be careful, it happens, that is laid out on the forums biased comments.

Discover also. if the possibility to use the Internet. If there is a wi-fi, you can safely take with Sony laptops, in order not to lose touch with the world and not get bored in the evening. If you do not have a laptop, then you will be able to purchase in the online store “Kib-no” at very competitive price.

Travel by seaThe cost of your cruise will consist of several indicators: the price of the travel, fees at ports, visa, payment for the service on board, excursions, as well as money for their own needs. Price voyage on the same route may vary due to the ship's class, time of year and most of the cruise company. there are cruises, where the duration of the week, and they cost about 200 EUR per person, but it is advisable to carry the amount of five hundred to seven hundred dollars per person. For charges at the port can be given by 50 от 120 dollars per person, although this figure is related to the number of stops along the way. For trips taken by 20 до 200 dollars per person depending on the terrain and diversity program.

If you- excursions lover or prefer a beach holiday, or have already mapped out places, you want to be sure to visit, stop your choice on flights, which involve long stops in Port.
food on the shipChoosing a sea trip, be sure to discuss all conditions with the tour operator. Whether payment is made immediately on board or you will be given an individual card, and will need to pay after? How many food places and some kitchen? Is it possible to bring along their favorite pet and it happen, so that he can accompany you on dry land? All these and other aspects, it is desirable to know in advance.

Если есть желание, Match excursions, offered by the organizer of your cruise, и экскурсии, which can give you local travel agency. On the first option, you can make a reservation, and subsequently give them up. to cancel 36 hours before the- penalty will not have to pay. If finances allow, arrange a personal guide with driver, who will meet you on the beach and show everything, you might be interested.

The correct choice of cabins is very important
The correct choice of cabins is very important, t. к. there you will be much more time, чем, например, in a hotel room. There are internal cabins (without windows) and external (with sea view and even from balconies). When choosing a cabin, you choose and the deck, and therefore not only a variety of services, but also social circle.


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