restaurant textiles: all the nuances in the selection of table linen

Neat and beautiful cloth napkins - that's the minimum, which creates a special comfort in a restaurant or cafe. You can buy ready-made sets of table linen. But it is much more profitable to choose textile clothing for restaurants, as in this case, you will be able to order the desired name you form, size and color.

There are certain requirements, Guided by which you can determine the choice of textile registration of your establishment.

Major textile selection criteria

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1. Texture and color

they should be in harmony with the overall design concept of space. Так, eg, in a classical setting appropriate sturdy classic tablecloth subdued tones, made of natural materials. A room with a modern design, you can experiment and choose the color and, with a bright border or restaurant logo.

2. Quality.

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Superiority retain natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen. These materials are hygroscopic, easy to absorb moisture and dirt, for a long time retain the original appearance. Textiles from cotton and linen good erased and do not fade. However, it should be remembered, that the light table linens for restaurants made of natural fabrics will need to constantly nakrahmalivat, otherwise, it will quickly lose its shape. Therefore, these napkins and tablecloths are best suited for banquets.

Recently, very popular blended fabrics: repression, dyuspo, memori, yews, Oxford, taffeta. They have absorbed the best quality synthetic and natural materials: wear, thick, moisture- and dustproof, unpretentious in care, resistant to mechanical damage.

Synthetics - an economical option, but do not dismiss it immediately. Synthetic tablecloth easily erased, almost crumple (which significantly saves time and energy), long retain color. But they do not absorb moisture and are not resistant to mechanical damage.

Teflon and polyester - light, comfortable and unpretentious fabric care. But the appearance of tablecloths and napkins from such materials neprezentabelen. Therefore, this option is completely out of place in expensive restaurants.

3. Shape and size.

Form of tablecloths for restaurants determines the shape of the table: square, rectangular, round and oval. Square tables should cover exclusively square tablecloths, Oval - Oval, but for the round can be used as round, and square tablecloths (recent form beautiful folds). Form napkins depends solely on the concept of the overall design and the wishes of the owner: They may be square (the most preferred form), rectangular and even triangular.

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The size is also dependent on the dimensions of the tables. according to etiquette, tablecloth in a restaurant should cover table legs. But now, this rule applies, basically, when you make a banquet, or some celebrations. In the daily work enough, if the cloth will hang on 20-40 cm. The restaurant has a contemporary design space you can do a runner.

We hope, These guidelines will help you choose the appropriate textiles for your restaurant.

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