Turf from www.kvint.com.ua producer - is the best solution

Turf from www.kvint.com.ua producer - is the best solution

For upgrading the area around the house after construction, usually, satisfied or seeded turf. At the preparatory stage, each option requires the same on the complexity and the cost of inputs (removing stones and debris from the site, make fertile soil, leveling the soil and drainage), but later growing speed, maintenance and price are drastically different. What lawn prefer?

At arrangement of the lawn seeded in prepared soil made lawn grass seeds. Typically, this mixture of different sorts, which complement each other in their characteristics. There are a mixture of seeds for various purposes: decorative, sport, universal, child, as well as special mixture of seeds for soccer fields and golf. Online www.kvint.com.ua you can buy turf from producer, seeds and mixtures of lawn grasses in Kiev from the best European manufacturers. If you want to save, it is important to immediately buy high quality seeds, so you do not have a lawn or even podseivat subcultured.

Planting seeds in soil, Try to distribute them evenly, that there are no bare spots. Usually, the first shoots appear in a week, but seeded lawn is not recommended to use at least 3-4 of the month, otherwise you may damage the young roots. The dense and thick turf finally formed only a year. If you do not want to wait so long, turf from producer CENTER lawn grass - it is the best solution.

Turf previously grown on special fields, then cut off strips with a dense root system, transported and placed on the prepared soil. Directly laying process can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, depending on the site area. We recommend contacting the professionals, as yourself is not always possible to correctly lay heavy rolls of grass. Three weeks later, the turf will get accustomed to the new location, and bright fluffy lawn will be ready for games with kids, recreation, picnics and sports.

Caring for turf is pretty simple. For its watering is not necessary to use a special system, it can even be watered with a hose - a strong reason not to be diluted. Turf is resistant to the appearance of weeds, it is more dense and bright, better tolerate low temperatures, and less fade in the sun. Damaged parts easier to replace, and when you move it, you can roll up and take with them to a new location.



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