Russian mink: remedy for cold winters

Who has not heard in the modern civilized world about the savages in the skins of animals such cold spots, that almost no one there can not survive? Of course, from the moment it is Russian and looked – A little over a thousand years, but in this strange way, there is something truthful. What, you ask me? seats, in which we live, still remain cold and inhospitable during the winter. And the skins, and though much has changed, but still remained. In particular - Russian mink coats, besides that, that is a great way buy cheap mink coat, but also perfectly warms even in the frosty time.

Buy cheap coat in Moscow

The history of Russian mink begins in the distant 1928 year. It was then Russian breeders have brought this breed, based on the brought material from North America. Naturally, when taken out Russian mink breeders, they did so with an eye to the unique requirements of climatic conditions - otherwise it could just let go to live in the vast Russian. It turned out in the end, however, as they wanted.

That is because, that breeders have tried over, a creature in the end they will, Russian mink has a long guard hairs, and dense and very dense underfur - in contrast to the North American pre-image, has a short spine. This was due to the fact, when taken out Russian mink breeders, they performed a clear decree Party - to achieve not only a beautiful fur, but also quite warm, to match the realities of Russia.

It should be noted, that in addition to all the advantages, Russian mink has shortcomings, которые, however, have any product of a long fur. In the process of wear fur coats it relatively quickly - that is, in comparison with his other brothers - quickly wears, especially in places such as cuffs, hem and collar. but, if you decide for yourself: "I buy mink coat, inexpensively, but buy!"- The Russian mink suit you, because it has a fairly gentle price segment.

If you do not know, where in Moscow to buy a fur coat of Russian mink, then do not despair - with almost one hundred percent probability you will be able to find your desired style coat of fur from the nearest shopping center. So that, the only thing you have to - it is to gather, go to him, find a shop there, which sells coats, and buy yourself something, that's what you want.


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