Fishing in March


Fishing in March

At this time characteristic of the spring revival of reservoirs. If the spring was warm - the, as soon as the water goes through the ice melt, good start biting predator and white fish. Spawning pike, perch and asp begins in March and lasts until the end of April. In Krasnodar, in the second half of March there is a great carp, longhorn, tarani, bream, roach and carp – they are caught float rod.

Warm sunny days occur in central Russia. Murmuring brooks first spring under the snow. They erode the ice off the coast of reservoirs and water are, oxygenated. In the second half of March, the snow melts quickly – the influence of the sun and the night mist. Streams and small rivers start to flow into the reservoirs and form large polynya. In such places, and the mass rush of different fish. Here it is well to catch the float rod jig, small spinners. You can fish from the ice and open water.

At that time already well pecks burbot. He was well caught at night bottom fishing rods from the ice, but often bite during the day. Burbot swim close to the shore and prefer deep space zakoryazhennye, usually with a pebble sandy bottom. It begins pre-spawning pike zhor, which reaches its maximum at the end of the month. Pike caught on winter fishing rod bait or lure. Many anglers say, in different reservoirs, and sometimes in the same, pike caught in different ways: better to take the long-spinners, the live bait. Traveling along the rivers perch in large shoals. At the end of the month in the major reservoirs, where there is decreasing water level, We observed the same phenomenon. If you catch a walleye trolling – it will give good results. However, it is difficult to find due to the thick layer of ice. Prior to the deep places in the rivers of the end of March with a smooth passage perfectly caught float rod in the manure worm and moth bream, podleshtika, lizard, large roach. In this period of great importance is the bait. Almost any fish takes well-jig. The reservoirs, where the usual large ruff, Fishing is very exciting with bloodworms nozzle. On small spinners with such attachments as a joker, worm, but rather small fry, pecks perch, medium-sized perch, chub, pike and ide.

Throughout the month of fishing in rivers is particularly exciting and interesting. Since the second half of March with good weather increases biting in lakes and reservoirs. When the turbidity in rivers and strengthening current, Fish nozzle stops taking.

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