Kick scooter

Kick scooter

With the advent of the child begin to delve into the more than various kinds of sports goods. And the older child, the more products and information on the Internet. My daughter a year. At the site I saw a scooter, I tried to go, I liked it and give it to everyone to beg. At that moment I realized, we urgently need buy a scooter. We go there to shop, and the question that we want to salesgirl, I could not answer. came home, and let “be enlightened” scooters in question. I stumbled on the Internet at , which later we purchased our scooter, but the story is not about that. Let's deal!

For the little ones there is a great option 3 at 1. This scooter-begovel, even with the handle for parents. The instructions stated, that the scooter from 1 years before 4 лет, but it all depends on the child, some in 10 months they ride. Until the child is able to stand on a skateboard, attached special seat, a parent handle helps mum to regulate traffic. Alternative Kids Bicycles. Later, When a child begins to touch the legs, Scooter will instead begovela, and then take off the seat and get a great scooter, with a wide footrest and luminous wheels. At all, 3-wheel scooters are suitable for small precisely because of its broad platform, that the baby easily put 2 legs close.

for the kids, that can easily manage the scooter does not make sense to take this option. For them, have the option of 2-wheel scooter. He has no additional seating, no handles. And the platform is already narrower. But it is lighter in weight and smaller in volume. They have transformers scooter-begovel. It is very convenient, You do not need to buy another sports goods, which will then be gathering dust somewhere on the balcony, until the child is fascinated by other. These scooters are usually designed for children 4 to 7 years and 100 kg. So that the output, and parents can ride.

The third type of scooters for children of school age, called Trike. For this you need a good coordination scooter, riding principle it is similar to roller skating. Each leg his wheel, and they need to operate by transferring the center of gravity. Learn to ride on it is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance. The main desire!
At the end I want to say, that whatever you choose a scooter for his child, the purchase of the wonderful! After all, instead of sitting at the monitor useless, the child will engage in outdoor sports!


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