The most interesting sights of Kalmykia

The most interesting sights of Kalmykia

Kalmykia - one of the most interesting regions of Russia, offering recreation for all tastes. Especially like it here so, who want to relax in the lap of beautiful nature, try country products, improve your health. Will appeal to fans of Kalmykia and Eastern culture and Eastern religions, in particular Buddhism. We propose to consider some of the most popular attractions of Kalmykia.

Lake Manych-Gudilo received its interesting name from the locals, who invented legends about ghosts, living here. In fact, the wind raging issues such unusual sounds - the hum and buzz - above the lake surface. This is due to the topography. The lake water contains twice salt, than in the Black Sea. Nature around the lake untouched by man, here you can find real wild places.

If you want to improve your health, go to another lake - Yashaltinskoe. It is too salty, but the water has unique healing properties. Более того, it changes its mineral composition, depending on the season - in spring and autumn. Healthily, not only the water of the lake, and dirt on its shore. There are motels, pensions and clinics.

Popular and cultural attractions of Kalmykia. White Gates or Tsagan Aman - a fortification on the Volga River, one of a kind. This place used to ferry in ancient times, in the Middle Ages and in modern times. There is a beautiful temple Mongolian - khurul. He was educated Lama Tugmyud-gavdzhi, who did a lot for the city at the beginning of 20 century.

Worth a visit and Lagan - it is the second largest city in Kalmykia just 9 kilometers from the Caspian Sea. In the vicinity of the lotus bloom in the whole plantation, you can freely nakupatsya and fishing during the warmer months. In the city there are Buddhist temples, are worth seeing. A stay in a hotel or in a rented apartment, you can order country products home – this new milk, and the national milk product "chigyan" – something like curdled.

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