Savin (Chelyabinskayaobl.) I – part.

Savin (Chelyabinskayaobl.) I - part

Today, none of archaeologists, not historians have no doubt, that in the region of the Urals and Western Siberia about 4000-5000 years ago there was some kind of civilization, which was interested in astronomy, the calendar, lunar and solar cycles. But also 30 years in the academic world existed a very different view of the ancient history of this land, which scientists believe was inhabited by nomadic peoples, move from one parking space to another.
Only the discovery of the ancient cities in the country allowed to dispel the myth of the once deserted and wild Trans-Ural region. However, 5 s ancient temple was discovered earlier with the same Arkaima prigorizontnoy observatory functions, and that subsequently open a monument in the south of the Chelyabinsk region.
Open to 1982 year during archaeological excavations ancient shrine located on a small ledge above the floodplain near the mound. On all sides it is a small rise in width 50 meters in length and 350 meters surrounded by swamps and marshes and the people notorious. Residents of nearby villages have long considered this oxbow lake habitat of evil spirits, the edge of the lightning and thunder, and tried not to go there yourself and do not let children. But one local resident was still curious to check out the local beliefs, and he went to the bank of Tobol. To his amazement, he found there a few ditches and circles, picked up shards of pottery and stone artifacts and decided to show them to archaeologists - the representatives of the local history museum, where found and handed copies.
Already in 1985 г. brief reconnaissance expedition was organized nature, which was attended by employees of Local History Museum and the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. they have established relatively quickly, that they face unique ancient construction, likely, cult nature.
However, due to lack of funding archaeological research had to be postponed 12 лет, and only 1997 г. It was made a full and detailed study of the terrain. During the work set, that the ancient structure was made in the shape of eight, and consisted of two circles with a diameter of 16 to 20 m, with the longitudinal axis, passes through both circles, I had a strict focus on the north-east to south-west. The circumference of each circular area were laid to a depth of trenches 1,2 m, width ditches ranged from 90 to 180 cm. From the east, west and north-west in the circles were made passages, at the sites, in ditches and outside circles have been found 117 eat, a rectangular hole was discovered in the north-east circle length about 8 m and a width of a little more than 6 m, the depth of the pit at the time of excavation was about 80 cm, but it is possible, that before she was deeply. To be continued …

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