Savin (Chelyabinskayaobl.) II – part

Savin (Chelyabinskayaobl.) II - part
As part of the holes and a rectangular recess remains of ancient animals and some household items were found, in the ditches on the north side of the sanctuary once people burning fire, and in the south-east of each circle were made mounds. Scientists have established, that burials were a Caucasian people, and Mongoloid races, perhaps, because of the graves of all ages.
Further study has allowed to establish the sanctuary, Earlier in the pits were pillars, pit under the pillars were dug not in a chaotic order, and some planned sequence, but in some, it was hard to understand. Then the scientists decided on a scientific experiment and restored columns in their original locations, and then we try to understand, what they used.
As it turned out, Pillars allowed to watch the sunrise and sunset and the moon, where ancient people stressed the points of sunrise and sunset during the summer solstice, means, obtained by calculating them have been used for drawing up a calendar based on the lunar and solar cycles.
In Russia, several ancient shrines were discovered over the past decade, postroennıh icon tipu solsberiyskogo Stounhendja (Stonehenge in translated to English means “stone fence”. Its construction is attributed to the Germans, the porters, the Romans, the druids). Such buildings are found in the Urals, in Bashkiria, in different parts of the central region, which means living on Russian territory during the Stone and Bronze Age peoples with a high level of civilization.
Restoration of the pillars has allowed the experimenters to solve another important problem. Scientists, surveyed the neighborhood, saw two rukotvornyh wave, which allows to observe the movement of the sun during the equinox.
By the time the shafts were built later, obviously, ancient astronomers did not have points of sight for more accurate estimates.
It is now possible to speak of an ancient sanctuary as prigorizontalnoy Observatory, related to Stonehenge or the home-town under Arkaima. That's just the dating of the monument found under mounds pointed, Savin that existed for 1000 years before the appearance of the legendary Stonehenge. This meant, as in the Stone Age people already engaged in astronomy and conducted observations of the sun, ie. We had a much higher level of civilization, than was generally thought to this finding.

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