Sergey Gugina - carp fishing in a pond

Simon Terekhov:

Sergei, As far as I understand, do you prefer to catch a carp in the ponds is, This is true?

Sergey Gugina:

Likely, Yes. The thing is, that the area, in which I reside, rich prudami. It can be natural or artificial water bodies, a small area, and say, quite impressive in size. A lot of ponds left after the termination of the activities of fisheries. In these waters you can catch excellent specimens, what do not even know many of the local residents. I should note, I experience the pleasure of, What surprises the local population with their catches. It is often the pond, It can be used, to test in new bait, flavorings or snap. Beginners carp not find a better place, than the local pond for, to master the technique and practice.

Simon Terekhov:

Sergei, tell, whether there are typical places, in which the usual carp, and what beginners anglers should look closely better?

Sergey Gugina:

Here much depends on the weather and time of year, but on the basis of their, and not only my practice, You can mark locations with the highest outcome of the meeting with carp. It is worth noting, that the colder air and water, the deeper the fish falls. It may be a pit depth of 5 m. The channels of the river and ravines always good at any time of the year. Driftwood overhanging bushes or over water, probably, favorite places carp. Also like carp snags, particularly those, which are far from the coast.

Also, if, the study of the bottom, you can find a small sandy place, there, where the key goes underwater, excellent fishing, you will be provided with certain. Yet, the behavior of the fish depends on the oxygen content in water. According to the law of nature, at the time of photosynthesis - when underwater plants actively begin to absorb oxygen, giving off the carbon dioxide, catch a carp near the bushes is practically impossible. This time begins with about four in the morning and can last for several hours. In summer, especially later in the morning, carp soon as possible to wait at the water surface, where it will be held in search of food and oxygen.

In order to know the time of fishing and the future, seats, where carp inhabit, it is best to fix this in a notebook. For example, you can not only fix the bottom relief, but also the most active places carp, where it appeared on the surface. As a result, you will have a rough plan for the movement of carp pond.

Simon Terekhov:

Sergei, but in order to thoroughly examine the body of water so, You need more than one day. And what, If fishing is highlighted only one day?

Sergey Gugina:

If you only have one day, then it is better to go to a familiar pond. Because in a strange place, you can expect disappointment. Yes, that goes without saying, for carp fishing, even in a familiar place you will need to make a dent, to catch a trophy. Not even the fact, in the place, where you fished successfully the last time, will bite. It should be good to explore the bottom and on different rods put different tips, because no one knows, some gastronomic tastes will carp on this day.

Simon Terekhov:

Sergei, many, especially novice anglers, superficially studying carp fishing, consider, that the carp is best to catch exclusively on boilies, Is it so?

Sergey Gugina:

You know, if the challenge to the angler, not just to visit the pond and enjoy the beauty of nature, and catch carp, then you need to apply different methods, not limited to the bait in the form of baits. Of course, boilies can be called the main nozzle, as in this case cut off option catching small rybehi, as bait simply will not fit in her mouth. Boilies excellent stay on the hook and have a variety of flavors. From some inexperienced anglers can hear statements, that in some place or carp, no carp not caught on boilie. I hasten to assure you that, it is absolute nonsense, because the baits are the most modern in catchability bait fishing for carp. Statements of this kind may be the case if the baits are cooked properly, or when failures was incorrectly matched fragrance. but, even I am an absolute fan of boilies, I see, carp that today takes some other attachment, and does not respond to baits, and of course it will catch on the nozzle. Because the main thing for me to catch carp and the more, the better and I will use different ways to achieve their goals. That, and I wish all anglers.

Author - Simeon Terekhov

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