Sharm El Sheikh – One of the best resorts in Egypt

Holidays in Egypt

Where to spend a vacation?

If you have decided to spend the next holiday in Egypt, then do it in the Sharm El-Sheikh. This is the first resort, which was built by the Egyptians in the Red Sea. Its location - the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

It is sparsely populated city - strand 20 thousands of people, mainly the male population. The main occupation of the population - tourism and hotel business.
The oldest part of the resort and well located in Naama Bay. It is here that were built first hotels. Naama - a tourist center of Sharm El-Sheikh, the center of his club life.

If you decide to try a shisha, in the old town make it very simple, because practically every street cafe offers a wide selection of hookahs and tobacco to him.

Although, by the way, for the, to smoke hookah, Now no need to go into the Eastern countries, which is considered to be great experts in puffing hookahs. In Moscow today, to attract customers, Many restaurants and cafes are also bought for himself wholesale hookahs, and opening their own hookah.

Sure, Hookah is not the main, what can surprise and please in Sharm El Sheikh. There are many attractions, which are visited by tourists.

Attractions Sharm El Sheikh

1. colorful canyon.
2. Monastery of St. Catherine, Located on Mount Sinai.
3. Ras Mohammed nature reserve.

forest Sinai, on which the communication convent. Catherine, It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. The Bible says, that on this mountain the Lord gave Moses the tablets, where the famous ten commandments were carved. Therefore, every day, regardless of the time of year and time of day, a huge number of pilgrims flock to its top, to become witnesses of the first rays of the sun, met on this mountain sunrise. The northern side of the mountain attracts tourists, positioned here the temple of Elijah the Prophet and the Orthodox chapel of the Virgin.

Yet the main mass of tourists, went to Egypt, attracted by the bright sun, hot sand and sea wave, gently caressing holidaymakers, the raids, then moving away from the coast.

Expanse here for diving. just 25 away from the resort is a nature reserve of Ras Mohammed, home to more 1000 species of tropical fish.

Here, no one will not be bored. List of entertainment extensive - you can ride a camel, riding, diving, windsurfing, diving.

That can be brought out of Egypt?

Shoppers can go to the examination of local markets. One such market is the market in the Old City, that is, even in terms of the excursion. Where you can get very interesting things. But many recommend, before you buy something, pretty bargain. Here you can safely take the leather, silver - they are of good quality and reasonable prices. You can buy here and hookah, although much sense in this, Now has excellent hookahs for sale and in Russia, particularly in Moscow, and a wonderful selection and prices "from" and "to" – for every budget.

But gold and items with stones take on this market do not recommend, they are of poor quality and generally more likely to get a fake.
But oil is cheap and of excellent quality, take their best big bottles. Because they do not lose the smell for years, it will be possible to enjoy their flavors long time.

And do not forget to take pictures and videotape. Agree, that capture a camel - a unique opportunity. For you, this will be a wonderful memory of the holiday for many years.

Where to buy a hookah?

After some time, You can buy a hookah in Moscow cheap and gather your friends. Let it be this quiet summer, and maybe even a winter evening. In a cozy and friendly atmosphere, lounging in the sofa cushions and lazily smoking a hookah, scroll through your photos and video stories, and delve into the stories, memories, and delivering themselves and others a lot of fun.

by the way, If you are not a resident of Moscow, You can be successfully order a hookah and the online store "Arabian Night" on site, where a fairly wide range of quality products and fast delivery across Russia and the CIS.


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