Сколько стоит поездка в Казахстан?

Сколько стоит поездка в Казахстан?

Astana, if someone does not know, a beautiful city, capital of Kazakhstan. And to begin the study of the country it is necessary from her heart. But in addition to the capital of the country is to see how fans of Antiques, or just curious. As a souvenir you can bring out the carpets and handmade products of felt, wool for which "produce" the famous edilbaevskie sheep. Very beautiful Kazakh pottery, resembling something northern netsuke. AND, of course, seasonal fruit. But such a trip will cost you quite inexpensive.

The road to Kazakhstan

Tickets can be purchased in two ways: direct and "intermediate". Например, you buy a ticket in a compartment on the flight Moscow - Astana. It will cost you approximately 4 900 rub. And if you're on the same train, in the same compartment, to the same place buy two tickets Moscow - Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk - Astana, then it will cost you less about 1200 rub. Сколько стоит поездка в Казахстан?Change anywhere is not necessary, just need to show the ticket to the second conductor in Chelyabinsk. Sly calculation railways.

A plane ticket is placed 5 000 rubles, but they arrive in Kazakhstan early this morning, and the service at the time the flight leaves much to be desired.

Movement in Kazakhstan

Seasoned travelers are advised to use the rail, especially since it is possible to get literally anywhere. For a place in the "reserved seat" you pay by 2 до 5 tenge (от 1 до 2,5 rub) per kilometer. If the guide stated, that goes to its destination the train with common cars, then rely on ticket costs two times less, but all the way you have to sit - it's something like local trains.

The second most popular transport - a taxi-private traders. Правда, just sit down in a taxi will not work - you'll have to wait, until you find the driver satellites (of course, if you do not pay the entire trip). It's not scary, if you do not call in on the way to market. After all, there are carried out and sheep for sale, and products, and even furniture. And that will acquire your companion - unknown. But a person boards have very small - from 3 до 7,5 tenge per kilometer.

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