Creaking in car brake pads

Creaking in car brake pads

often, of – for suspicious brake noise, motorists have to carry out a full scan of the entire brake system of transport. After all, there is no does not matter car specifications. Let us try to understand in parts, why it occurs, and is there any method to solve this problem. Initially analyze all components, of which the vehicle brake system. About the details, from which the brake pads, they should definitely certain norms.

At the present time it is not a secret is the fact, that brand automakers, in the manufacture of linings for brake pads vehicle, use components, to keep secret. But the main part, used with a brake issue, everything is already known. Very often it is used in the manufacture of counterfeit products. For a perfect operation of the brake mechanism, try to use the brake shoes and drums of the same manufacturer.

In this case,, these materials with each other will become more friendly. So what is the reason brake fasten? One of the reasons is unseasoned material composition. All brake roughly similar system. Namely, the base metal pads, to which the plate is fixed.

Previously, as a fastening mechanism of special rivets used for linings. A currently used for this purpose a special composition. As part of the linings necessarily also have to be special chips of hard metal is not – lead, copper, brass and i.t. P. It chips will cast the heat in heavy traffic. In this way, at perebarshivanie with metals, and may appear similar to the creaking. But still it will cause early failure of the braking system.

Factor of the noise is and wet weather. Too many motorists are faced with a situation, when after rainfall pads begin to publish uncharacteristic sounds. In this case, do not worry, as the creaking stop immediately, as soon as the brake is dry. Also unusual noise may issue tracking and sensor, due to the pads wear, that it not infrequently happens from – its improper installation. That is, the touch sensor to the drum and begins unusual noise.

Some of the above mentioned problems can be solved by yourself. I.e, All that you need to perform – install ceramic brake pads. Certainly this is not the cheapest way , but not about the typical sounds you can completely forget.

The companies manufacturers of brake systems to deal with this have their own methods. One of them – rounded corners pad, or their sensitive start sawing. It should also be noted, that if the manufacturer did not do anything like, Some motorists make their own hands rounding. In case if you have some experience in this area, I do not advise to do it, since it is not possible, that aggravate the situation.

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