Equipment for diving

Equipment for divingThe world under water attracts many topics, that there are many secrets, unrecognized, hidden danger. Certainly because diving and gains more popularity as a sport as a hobby of his fans or classes for professionals.

Some time later, when a person is really like diving, thoughts of acquiring personal equipment for this activity. After equipment, which is courses, hardly anyone will satisfy, also suitable dimensions are not always available, Well, and hygiene, in the end, not recognize any nice, it has been used to you and will be used later.

Surely then there is the dilemma, how to make a variety of diving equipment. In that, perhaps, recommendations will assist professionals and instructor.

In the first gusts of enthusiasm, after, how will be the first class, with burning eyes, necessarily have to go to a special shop.

Noticing this mood sellers are "advised" a lot, and you can buy everything, that only the eye will fall. As a result,, when the state of enthusiasm will be held in the course of the year - two, it will all be sold at one-tenth the price, "Only to get rid of".

At first.

Set of diving the number one - is the presence of the mask, tube, last. Even when diving stop to like, anytime, anywhere would be nice to swim, wearing their own mask, fins and snorkel. This is - no consumables and is required at the beginning of the occupation.

action more.

Next is to do personal safety organization. That is - the acquisition of the compressor and scuba diving. This was not saving tips (This is not a pipe), the quality of such equipment, generally, It will depend on the future life, and use scuba gear you can not for a year, and from year to year.

But you can win, acquiring high-quality equipment and giving a much smaller amount, than expected. As in any other sport, in the tank there is a trend of fashion. What will be fashionable to have a great price, otherwise, just good quality, but not a fashion you can buy at a reasonable cost.

Then buy cylinders for diving. In the first place to pay more attention to the engine capacity.

Depending on the depth to which it will be necessary to dive, as well as the weight, select the balloon. Pay attention to the material from which it is made, from this container has a dependency weight.

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