snowboarding – as a sport

snowboarding - as a sportsnowboarding, or Snowboarding – it is one of the Olympic sports. The whole essence of this type is downhill from different snowy slopes. Descent is carried out by means of special projectile, from which the matter the sport name, snowboarding. At the beginning – it only winter sport competitions, but some extreme athletes have managed to ride even in summer. Summer snowboarding kind – sendbording, it is almost the same, that and Snowboarding, Only in this case the descent is carried out on the sandy slopes, and is used here for a modified board.

Because this sport is carried out on the natural and prepared slopes, as well as at very high speeds, is to protect the athlete from getting various injuries use special equipment. In this equipment includes: special helmet, lining to protect the joints of the feet, hands. To protect the back using a separate type of ammunition – it is somewhat similar to the ammunition at motocross.

First time snowboarding – as an Olympic sport has been presented in competition in Nagano. This event took place in 1998 year.

Like most other sports, Snowboarding is also not devoid of danger to health sportsman.

The level of risk of injury is about six per thousand in one day. The indicator twice, traumatic than the level in alpine skiing. The lion's share of all injuries and damages – It falls on newcomers, especially affects those, who wants to learn the sport yourself.

In this sport are all injuries, only for beginners they happen more often, but they are not as severe. And experienced riders injure occurs several times less, Although the injuries are several times heavier.

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