Collect backpacks and go hiking with her husband

Collect backpacks and go hiking with her husband

Sooner or later, almost every married couple covers routine. Living under the same roof is not the first year, spouses involuntarily immersed in the very swamp, under the name of an unpleasant “bytovuha”. Sex life too, can become monotonous and not so bright, both passionate time before marriage. Correct it's real. There are several proven ways to make sex memorable. These methods are suited to couples and, intimate life which initially did not differ richness of colors. Итак, proceed:

method №1


Oh, how wrong those women, who believe, that this type of meeting is not the main. Men dream about it and went crazy with oral sex. And some would even prefer its classic. maybe, you feel unpleasant things effect. Then try to negotiate with them, analyzing the process from the point of view of your man. For you it is a few minutes of physical labor, and for your husband is an opportunity to know a paradise for some time. Read articles on this topic, watch the video. AND … go for it!

method №2


sex toy shopHave you ever wondered, what feelings you cause, eg, sex toy shop? Otbrosyte narrowing, look with her husband in an intimate shop, например такой, как «INTIMPREMIUM» сайт maybe, you will find there the, that we have long wanted to try. Courage! After assortment online store is so rich, that with it you will be able to implement any erotic fantasies. All the sex toys in the store premium. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia. With convenient filter on the website, you can quickly find yourself any erotic accessory, whether stimulants, sex underwear, clothing or stimulants. Do not be afraid to experiment! All feasible.
If you determine their own hard - refer to the store consultants, Contact Online.

method №3

Above or below?

Have you ever wondered, that more like your partner in bed – rule or obey? The question now is not about fun with whips and latex. We are talking about relations. Who among you is dominant, who “povinuetsâ”. After all, if everyone will have the role, he prefers, intimate life will be in the perfect puzzle. You will enjoy each other all night. In order to find out, who is who, ask about her man. If you both prefer the same, then alternate roles, so that everyone can enjoy their position.

method №4

A change of scenery

Collect backpacks and go hiking with her husband. It does not matter how far it, close. Important, to silence, beautiful nature, desirable river, bonfire. And the memories of his youth, in a distance of bygone romantic date, will stand in good stead – I will dwell in your sex life a new energy.

List ways small, but they can be used to bring sex to a whole new level. And go on and on, again and again, reaching, peak sexual pleasure.

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