Maintain food supplies during the march


Maintain food supplies during the march Let's imagine: in a campaign you run out of stock of food. You somehow managed to find their own food (hunted, collected, caught fish), and you've got a question, how to keep their stocks for an indefinite period. This article will answer you on this question.


The most appropriate ways, which will help keep the products - it is dried and smoked.

Smoked meat - it's very nutritious and tasty product. Shelf life is directly dependent on the length of the smoking.

Smoking during the night will keep the meat for a week. For two nights - from 2 weeks to one month.

To smoke the meat, you must do the following:

1) prepare meat. If the meat was covered with mold, then it must be removed: clean off it, and wash the pieces in water (flow).

2) The land is necessary to dig a hole depth of one meter and half a meter wide.

3) Make an array of materials available (rods, branches).

4) At the bottom of the pit, spread is not too big, but fumed fire. I went to smoke, toss into the fire or raw green branches. Resinous wood avoid using, because they spoil the taste of meat.

5) It is necessary to close the hole bars. It must be placed at a distance 75 см, starting from the bottom.

6) On the grill, place the meat and close all branches, leaves or anything else.

If you have made the proper, the meat will look like a dark curved stick.

In order to dry meat, everything must be done in the same, as well as in smoking. However, the bars in this case it is not necessary to close. It is also possible to dry the meat in the wind thin slices.

A fish

First, the fish must be prepared. It needs to be gutted and wipe dry. Further, spacers are prepared pierce and cut in transverse carcase, you have done, when we eviscerated fish. Then hang to dry the fish for about 20 minute. После этого, when she was a little podvyalitsya, shift it sedge or nettles. Sedge should be fresh, but dry.

The fish can be dried, putting it on hot stones.

It can also be prokoptit. To do this, to cut her head off and get rid of the ridge. Then you can start to smoking, I planted it on any twigs.

Plant food

Fruits and berries can be to dry in the sun, the fire or the wind. In the latter cases, they will be dried, but not dried. However, it is not so important. The main thing - to remove moisture.

In winter, food can be frozen.


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