Overalls as a means of protecting and enhancing self-esteem

Overalls as a means of protecting and enhancing self-esteem

On the protection of workers from the harmful effects of the environment should overalls. This means of individual protection, provision of personnel which is fixed by the legislative acts. The use of special clothing in most cases is limited to a range of specialists chemical, severe, Food Industry, the sphere of security services, health.

Overalls as a means of protecting and enhancing self-esteem

Traditional workwear elements: • costumes; • overalls; • bathrobes; • рабочие перчатки; • hats; • aprons; • sleeves; • Shoes, etc..

Based on the functional purpose, distinguish between the main types of workwear: • working; • warning; • corporate; • medical, etc..

The main feature of work clothing - protective. It must insure the employee in terms of risk of mechanical damage, high or low temperatures, moisture, pollution. Usually, made from durable fabrics, further processed into insulating impregnation, used yarn. Such clothing is easily washable. To ensure the safety of personnel in the field of construction, engineering, chemical industry employers are required to strictly adhere to the safety standards. in factories, where the presence of the protective clothing and its compliance with the health and life of workers, закупаются не только универсальные комбинезоны и кожаные перчатки оптом, but respirators, masks, Special metal pallets on shoes.

Signal overalls used to work in conditions of poor visibility. Performed in tissues of bright colors with reflective inserts.

The main purpose of corporate clothing has image support, strengthening of the corporate spirit of the company. The main consumers - hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, airlines. Performed in tissues of corporate colors, present logo. Distinctive features are the aesthetics and comfort. Corporate clothing - a brand element, capable of distinguishing the company from a long list of peers. Именно этот вид одежды провоцирует повышенный интерес дизайнеров и креативных руководителей.

For medical garments mandatory conditions have the convenience of, hygiene, antistatichnosty, krovoottalkivayuschie properties, disinfection simplicity. In the expensive private medical companies, салонах красоты уже недостаточно сейчас купить перчатки ХБ, white coats and plain hats. Modern overalls in this market segment requires a presentable appearance, individual design, adherence to corporate style.

List of requirements for protective clothing is growing simultaneously with the development of the market. Remain unchanged following:

• compliance with industry standards;

• Ensuring safety;

• high-quality fabrics and tailoring;

• Compliance with environmental conditions;

• comfort;

• Easy to clean and disinfect.

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