Becoming a documentary film in Russia

 Становление документального кино в России

John Grirson, in fact, He is the father of documentary film, since even at the dawn of cinema, as an art, I took the very first documentary. Naturally, theme of the film were the events of that time, которые, according to the author of the film, just had to capture on film, through time in order to carry them to the future generations. And as a documentary film has nothing to do with the movie game, all the events are a reality of the time, and not the fruit of imagination of filmmaker. Of course, later in the documentary began to bring notes of affectedness, but this was done solely for the purpose, to reflect with the highest reliability in the film for some one, a certain event. And in this case, film actors are doing everything possible to ensure, to look at the picture of course, and in any case not to overplay.

Unlike the movie game, Documentary film, Despite the apparent simplicity of its production, developed with a pronounced slow character. And especially important is the determination can become a Russian documentary, which in the era of socialism was filmed exclusively for propaganda purposes. After all, the leaders of the Soviet state was extremely important to keep the view of the electorate under control, so that in the pleasure to indulge in vices full life. That is why in those days, a documentary film was considered something of a must and unloved occupation for the majority of ordinary people. But with the advent of democracy and openness has changed beyond recognition.

Modern documentaries in Russia reflects those moments of life of ordinary people, that his view does not leave anyone indifferent spectator. This film touches the feelings and emotions, because everyone understands, that the events, are shown in the film, It can happen to anyone, anytime. It's a documentary film, events and consequently, there shown, have already taken place with real people in real life and no one can guarantee that, that they will not be repeated again, only in a different place and with other actors. That is why the popularity rating of documentary films is growing rapidly in Russia, the more that people are always interested in those events, that occur in reality, but are not the fruit of fantasy writers and directors of feature films.

Despite the simplicity of the narrative, which shows documentaries, its production is very time-consuming process. Indeed, in this case it is necessary to sort out a huge amount of footage, sort them, and then mount. That is, the whole process may take a very long time costs. But the result of such work can not just hook the viewer, but hit his imagination, and sometimes to turn his whole outlook.

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