The ancient and the industrial city of Samara

The ancient and the industrial city of SamaraSamara city itself is not of small cities and areas with lots of attractions. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities. It is located on the left side of the Volga, and is divided into nine districts and two villages.

So the city of Samara is one of the largest industrial cities. Considered the most developed sphere in the field of engineering, metalworking and of course the food industry. Also, there are well-developed and commercial sphere. Built a huge number of markets, of enterprises, магазинов, shopping centers. Just in Samara periodically hosts exhibitions and fairs. Find hotel in Samara very simple.

For students and students working as a set of medium, and institutions of higher education, give good and quality education for young people. And for the youngest citizens kindergartens and nurseries.

This city is famous for not only industrial products, but also for its architecture. Here one can see how the building of the Middle Ages, and architectural structures of our time. Walking along a street, you can find small houses with carved patterns or large old buildings, preserved and today. Благодаря тому, that the architectural structures created by centuries, you can enjoy a variety of styles, and many of them are considered to be architectural monuments. The hotel works for guests, and many of them are located in the oldest buildings of the city.

For the excursions there are many museums, you must visit. For theater lovers, It is always interesting performances. as museums, theaters and everyone will find on your preference.

Samara passes through many roads, linking Europe with any point of Siberia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. As in all major cities in Samara also works underground, consisting of 9 stations.

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