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Clever vacation… or a trip to Penza

Продуманный отпуск… или путешествие в Пензу

Waiting for holiday, everyone wants to make your trip unforgettable. Work is not a wolf, the forest will not escape. On a trip you need to think in advance, to plan your vacation at the highest level. The most economical option - it is to travel "to". There are both advantages (You do not overpay ...

Priceless treasures of the Russian Land

Бесценные сокровища Русской земли

In the life of every human being's health is the main condition for happiness. Many go abroad for health at the famous resorts are expensive, and many simply believe, that it is not available and is very wrong. It turns out, improve your health, good rest, gain strength and ...

Moscow Garden Ring

Садовое кольцо Москвы

Moscow - a wonderful city. To inspect even the most famous landmarks will never be possible in a single day. Moscow to recognize the best theme. One such interesting topics - Garden ring. The history begins with the ring of the XVI century, when by order of Boris Godunov in Moscow ...

Give a friend a portrait in oil on canvas!

Подарите подруге портрет маслом на холсте!

You decided to go to Kaliningrad. It has long dreamed to see this wonderful city and at the same time to meet with her classmate, who had not seen for many years. But you do not haunted by the thought, what to give her a, To really pleased with it and left fond memories ...

Excursions to the Great Ustyug

Экскурсии в Великий Устюг

First snow in adults and children causes a pleasant sensation, swirling snowflakes mentally take us back to the carefree childhood. When the fairy-tale characters seemed real. Of course, Winter favorite characters of fairy tales is a Santa Claus and a good granddaughter Snow Maiden. His good deeds ...

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