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Travel to Spain

Путешествие в Испанию

If you choose a holiday destination Spain, you can be sure, that it will be unforgettable. After all, this country can satisfy every taste. the main thing – decide beforehand, What you want to see her – and it will be the. Get to Salvador Dali homeland is now possible from any more or less ...

Spain and its resorts. Canary islands.

Испания и ее курорты. Канарские острова.

Spain has collected a lot of different resorts, on which rest the tourists annually from completely different parts of the world. Let us dwell in more detail on the description of the popular Spanish resort area for recreation – in the Canary Islands. Canary Islands in Spain have collected ...

Cave of Altamira in Spain

Пещера Альтамира в Испании

Primitive people made significant discoveries: tamed fire, We created a bow and arrow, We built the first model of society. And then the man reached for the beautiful, I am trying to beautify the world around us, I saw him and tried to capture the beauty of it. At the end 19 at. one of the Spanish hunters ...

it – Mallorca!

Это – Майорка!

Mallorca – very green and eco-friendly island with white sandy beaches, luxurious, gentle sea with turquoise water and orange valleys. This Spanish island beautiful, the year-round warm and sunny. Mallorca impresses with its diverse landscapes, rural valley ...

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