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Buy a house in Italy

Купить дом в Италии

Italy - is an incredible country, that simultaneously combines two epochs. Tourists and locals have a lot of leisure options, since modern - SPA-salons, located near the Mediterranean Sea, shopping, visiting boutiques world's most famous fashion designers, amusement parks ...

Италия. Naples.

Италия. Неаполь.

“Италия – luxurious country! In her soul, and groans and longs. She was paradise, all full of joy, And her love of luxury in the spring. ...” Nikolai Gogol. Италия – This earthly paradise! Here everyone will find their: beautiful sea – in summer, ski resort – in winter, sightseeing and shopping – at any ...

Италия: ancient finds of Herculaneum

Италия: античные находки Геркуланума

Herculaneum - another ancient city, excavations which, as in Pompeii, recently attracted more and more tourists. People work here since the XVII century, but only in the XIX century, the study took more organized. In the XIX century excavations were conducted by open way, but still quite ...

Winter holiday in the Italian ski resort

Зимний отдых на горнолыжках Италии

Recently, very popular among holidaymakers enjoy the resorts in Italy. Various Christmas tours are organized here, The ongoing travel companies. Tours in Italy collected a significant number of tourists all year round, but they are the most popular winter. Connected ...

Property in Italy

Недвижимость в Италии

Along with the tourism industry, the real estate market in Italy is one of the major segments of the economy of the European countries. The total volume of transactions is constantly growing. Over the last year it was about 90 billion euros. Among the buyers of Italy enjoys a great demand for ...

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