taxi, When not do without it

taxi, When not do without it

Almost all people, who do not have their car, We are used to move around the city by public transport. The only advantage of using the subway, minibus or bus fare is. But the negative points is enough: continuous noise, conversations of passengers, uncomfortable atmosphere in the cabin, and the inconvenience of the trip. It should be added here the amount of time, right travel in public transport, as compared with simple car, and comparison is quite disappointing. Therefore, such a saving is not an important advantage.

More wealthy people because of all sorts of circumstances, for example damage to the machine, stay in another city or a party with friends, choose unambiguously taxi ordering, since it is impossible to go to his car.

But there are situations, When accustomed to saving people are forced to use the services of taxi drivers.

For example:

  • already so late, that public transport has stopped working;
  • You need to get to the place of, where no buses or taxis;
  • when a person is late, and wait for transport at a stop absolutely no time;
  • just want to travel in comfort, especially if small children are going;
  • transportation of bulky baggage.

clear, that the main advantage of public transportation is a low price.

It is worth considering the benefits and services of a taxi:

High level of comfort

If you are near the baby, it is very important to go in comfortable surroundings. Also comfort is extremely necessary, if the passenger is sent to the airport and he will have a difficult flight. Or vice versa, tired coming back from the airport. And if you had a hard time, and no matter what is not strong enough, comfort cab becomes a salvation.

A trip to your destination

Using the bus or subway service, hard drive to the destination. We have to make several changes and still a decent walk. Many live a few kilometers from its metro station. Turning to the taxi service, You can drive right up to the entrance door or at home. Of course, if there is a normal way of entrance: the road is not divided, and in general there is near your home

movement speed

A quick trip is another advantage of the taxi. When public transportation is stuck in a traffic jam, it can last hours. And an experienced taxi driver, knowing full well the traffic situation, select the most appropriate route. And the speed of the car considerably higher than the rate of the same bus. You spend money, but save time. What main heads, You choose only.

Additional service

Popularity taxi leads to the emergence of new dispatching firms, which leads to increased competition between. This is only for the benefit of passengers, because the fight is for each customer. declining prices, It becomes wider choice of taxi. It is natural and the emergence of a variety of additional services.

The most popular types of additional services:

Evacuation of cars

You can safely go to your work or home, but suddenly the car breaks down, and quick fix is ​​not possible. To go to the service you need, and nowhere to look for help. Here help the service "car evacuation", that is, some taxi companies. Just call and explain exactly your location, and the problem is solved.

Sober driver

Additional service most requested. Often on holiday to visit more convenient to get in his car. And at the party will want to relax and have a drink. Earlier in this situation, the drivers went home by taxi, and the car picked up in the morning. Now for drivers, who do not like to throw their vehicles elsewhere, there is an additional service "sober driver". One only has to call the company and specify the destination and origin, and you can not worry about the safety of machines. Now this service is almost every company. This service is less costly, compared to the "evacuation", which uses special equipment.

Transportation of animals

Sometimes you need to transport pets. Например, visit the veterinarian. Then you must have his car, or to book a taxi to the service on the transport of animals. This service is provided by all the rules of safety. Bird cage must be, a dog wearing a muzzle and other precautions. Usually added to the basic rate for the service certain amount.

highly comfortable car

The cost of this taxi depends on such factors: class stamp and machines, time travel, service company. Например, hour taxi from the Mercedes S-Class have to pay almost twice as much, than for the services of the Mercedes E-Class. Other taxi services offer all classes Mersedosov, but the minimum order value is quite high: usually payment is made at least five hours. Some firms specialize in taxi services luxury brands: Porsche, Hammery, Mercedes, Land Rovers, BMW and other prestigious cars. The most expensive will cost Porsche Cayenne.

Many customers enjoy not only the machine level, but the quality of service. Usually there are polite and non-smokers due to drivers, which will support the pleasant communication. Such taxi drivers are advised to friends. Also important is the driving experience. For example, taxi drivers are very young may arouse the suspicion of passengers. therefore, not everyone wants to take them in the car, doubting their experiences. According to statistics,, Most accidents are connected with an inexperienced driver.

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