Techniques of fishing

Techniques of fishing

At all, fishing is very attentive and concentrated work. There are many techniques for catching fish, which require a certain skill.

Firstly, you need to choose a good and convenient place for fishing. Normally, this should be cleaned place. And in advance, it is desirable to calculate the direction of the wind.

Во-вторых, basic fishing technology and fish lie in casting rod and fish vyvazhivaniya.

Let's start with a study of engineering vyvazhivaniya fish. This technique brings forth fish, then it is well engaged on the hook, and does not resist you. You need to tire and at the same time, this well to hook fish. But for too long, and close to the shores of output do not have to take the best for this net. And in order to pick up a good fish should loosen the line and pull it sharply.

For correct casting rods need to throw a hook over his shoulder and always cutting back.

There are some species of fish are, that pull sharply float under water and include fish, such as pike and perch. In other cases it is necessary to look for a float, when he gradually goes down. And then just need attention and sharp and at the same time smooth pull-out of fish. And do not forget about the correct location of the hands while fishing.

It's important to know, that each time has its own fishing equipment. Fishing also varies, because with what you throw your fishing rod, from the shore or from a boat. Also catching the differences, what caught fish, and there you float on a fishing rod, or you catch without.

Definitely need to know all the tricks and wisdom catching fishing. And art zakidyvaniya rods and fish podsekaniya, and pulling it, of course. Because often it breaks down when unloading fish. This is due to the fact that you raised high by rod and line, and at this time the fish you jerks and breaks. So you should carefully sum up the fish to the shore and pull out using Socko.

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