Boat awning

Boat awning

Awnings for boats – novelty for the Russian market, relatively recent, with the development of country tourism and interest in travel. The main purpose of the tent - to protect the boat and passengers, from water. Even in such a simple thing, There are several varieties, created for their own purposes. Awnings for boats, divided into - nasal, stoyanochnыe, driving, shipping and tents combined transformers. In this article we look at the advantages and operation of all types and any possible buy a tent for boats.

nasal tents, cover about one third of the area of ​​the boat and designed to protect against splashes, rain and waves. On some, advanced models of windscreen is present, which more reliably protects the things and people in the boat, from water. Same, complete with awning, often go bags and special departments, to store important things.
parking tents, They are used for the covering of the boat near the shore, often completely covering the open space. This model will help keep things on the bottom of the boat in safety and protect from moisture, in bad weather.

The next type of awning – running. such models, use while driving, usually they look like small tents. They always present a windscreen, from the stern there is moisture-proof shutters or insert. Have a reinforced structure, designed for fast movement and wind resistance.

transport tents, as one might guess from the name, designed for the transportation of boats. this awning, made of high-strength materials, It has hardened inserts at the sides, protection of the bottom and the boat cylinders, from mechanical damage during transportation. They used also for parking boats on the shore, protecting from rain and strong winds.

Perhaps, the most popular form of awnings - Transformers. This tent is like a tent, which unfolds right in boat. The tent is open on all four sides, often there is a holder for fishing rods or spinning. Well protected from the wind, rain and waves. Used mainly by fishermen and tourists prefer to stay right on the water. Great for family walks and trips on the rivers, It creates the warmth and comfort, in the wild.

Buy a tent for the boat definitely worth, if you are going to relax or go fishing on the water in bad weather. In addition to convenience,, it provides security and protects against flooding boat, weather in shtormovuyu.

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