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You have long dreamed of a trip to Europe. And the long-awaited hour has come. Putevki kormane. Vacation agreed. Suitcase mood. It remains important – tickets! Where is buy tickets without any extra charge? Yes, of course – through the service "Biletor"! Computer. Credit card. on order. Print out the itinerary receipt.

And now the plane landed smoothly in Copenhagen!

С чего начать? There are many different ways to explore Copenhagen and explore countless attractions. There will always be popular boat tours along the historic canals Kristianskhevn, simultaneously, tourists often prefer to make a boat tour around the harbor of Copenhagen. You can also make a bus tour around the city, usually, since Radhusplazen, After seeing the sights along the way around Christiansborg.

Most bus tours goes to the hugely popular Tivoli Amusement Park, which is located very close to the center. Here you can find an infinite number of families, who came to the city with the aim to see the sights. Other highlights include colorful ring roller coaster daemon, Lake Dragon Boat and carousel Airship, which is 80 meters high and is the tallest carousel now.

beaches Gentofte:

In summer, when the Danish sun generously rewards us with its warmth, crowds of tourists sent to the suburb of Gentofte and its numerous beaches. This is a great place to soak up the sun, to dive, have a swim, kayaking and of course beach volleyball. An array of stylish homes overlooking the beach, provide a pleasant background along with woodland. A suburb located near Dayriheven.

Danmarks Akvarium (Aquarium Denmark):

blue_planet_copenhagen_t230412_3xn_1Located in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, in the suburb of Gentofte, Denmark's Aquarium is known as Danmarks Akvarium and is a pleasant place for families, as well as the country's largest, since the late 1930s. Aquarium has more than 70 different aquariums, displacement of almost 90 thousands of liters, which contains a huge collection of both freshwater, and marine life.

blaaplanet_oceantankAlways loved the giant turtles and sharks in the background landscape and coral reefs, Sea Horses, puffer fish, as well as regular feeding demonstrations. Well, of course, coffee Danmarks, which will allow you to eat, enjoying the magnificent views of the beaches and forests.

port of Copenhagen:


The coastal town with a long coastline and a plurality of connecting channels, for many hundreds of years used, as one of the leading commercial ports in Denmark. In the harbor city tour available in a wide range of entertainment and many of them choose boating. These walks will give you

a lot of pleasure, whether willful walk in either direction or tour through the channels, that cover the many attractions located off the coast of, including Amalienborg Palace and Christiansborg Castle.

Attractions harbor is just outside the docks Friheven, and historic docks Newhaven, which were created in the second half of the 17th century and will lead you into the heart of the city. Shops and restaurants complement the atmosphere of the harbor of the city.

Copenhagen Zoo / Zoological garden:

One of a number of the oldest zoos, Copenhagen Zoo, It was founded around 150 years ago. Its collection animals significantly increased from the time base, and is now more than 3000 different animals, It covers about 250 species.

Zoo of the city played an important role in maintaining the zoo as a whole and are now home to many animals, such as elephants, rhinoceroses, zebras, the Bears, camels, penguins, monkeys and many other. Kids will appreciate the zoo with his friendly rabbits and inquisitive mountain goats.

Tivoli Amusement Park:

outdoor summer 1843 of the year, when it got its name, It became a place of pilgrimage for many tourists, who flock here from all over Copenhagen, for, to get a lot of pleasure, enjoy fast rides and other entertainment. It is worth paying attention to the historical track uphill Rutszhbanen.

This ride was built of wood in the 1914 year and remains in good condition. Dozens of restaurants and bars, summer concert venues, Chinese theater, Glass Hall and Gardens, where a great many here, will allow you to fill in the day at your discretion.

Planetarium Tycho Brahe:

Located on the south side of St. Jorgens and open at the end of 1989 of the year, Tycho Brahe Planetarium is very bright and one of the interesting buildings on the waterfront of the city, It is instantly recognizable shape of its columns and dramatically sloping roof. Inside awaits a lot of interesting tourist, including a large IMAX theater and regular show stars.

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