Турция. Marmaris

Турция. Marmaris

On holiday in Turkey is known, наверное, enough. The country of eternal summer attracts more and more tourists every year. Especially it is very popular among our countrymen. some have adapted, and every year gain Tours of Turkey, adjusting them under their holidays.

But, не смотря на то, about Turkey already knows everything and everyone, we would like to tell you about a wonderful corner of her, where you can feel all the charm of a quiet and unobtrusive recreation. And calls for this area – Marmaris.


С одной стороны, Village and beach, казалось бы, They do not represent anything special. Some tourists say these places are not so popular, other corners of Turkey. But when you get here, you begin to understand, no coincidence that many choose to relax Marmaris. Tourists, Nevertheless, here a little. No crowds, while the staff here are very sociable and helpful, and kindness of those, who aims to provide you a complete rest, наверное, even higher, than anywhere else in Turkish resorts.

Турция. Marmaris

The pure salty sea water mussels live weight and crabs, of which there are no catches, кроме, пожалуй, tea.

attractions here, правда, не так много, but enough to want - and offers plenty of tourists a variety of bus tours.

Кроме того, discount yacht walking visiting colorful bays, lunch in the national Turkish style and a catchy melody of folk music. And all this fun cost about? 16 EUR per person.

You can also go diving with experienced instructors, who speak Russian and English languages, and provide you with modern diving equipment. Immersion is usually done in the bay 3 и 8 m., with price, if you are willing to trade, starts from 60 and may fall to 20 euro.

There are two beautiful water park. If you come here for a day, in the ticket price can include lunch.

And under no circumstances should you miss a visit to the Turkish bath - you are waiting for an unforgettable experience. After relaxing in the steam room and swimming pool, offers massages with special oils, aromatherapy, anti-aging mask and skin care, and then drop you off, rested and relaxed, rejuvenated, five years, not less, back to the hotel. The price for all this can be from 8 до 13 euro, depending on the number you selected procedures.

The nightlife is in full swing! You are surrounded by a variety of safe and at the same time exciting clubs and restaurants, where you can watch, as tourists, dressed in national costumes Turkish, dancing the night away, not forgetting to look into the bars. Incredibly fun evening with a local flavor, and dinner with drinks will cost approximately 15-20 euro.

Not the hottest day is also not out of place can be a trip to Rhodes and safari jeeps - you will recall that after returning home.

Обратите внимание на то, that is necessary to get there as souvenirs. One such "points" in Marmaris water is citric. It is used for rescue from the heat – the taste is very pleasant and perfectly quenches thirst. Rewarding and enjoyable acquisition will be local soap with olive oil. But when choosing a chic turban or hat with gold coins, you can offer shisha free.

Being in Marmaris, do not forget to try the local beer – Efes Pilsner or any other.

Так или иначе, holidays in Marmaris offers tourists a wonderful opportunity to fully experience the atmosphere of a holiday and not spend extra money, Besides, Here is everything you need, To come here with the whole family.

Турция. Marmaris2

In a word, Marmaris is an excellent example of, both from the usual southern coastal villages, putting a lot of work here, and apply the appropriate ingenuity, You can create a wonderful resort.

Marmaris – это место, which you will remember with warmth and gratitude!

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