Tours in Egilsstadir, Iceland

Tours in Egilsstadir, Iceland

Not long ago, travel to Iceland were considered very expensive for residents of the Russian Federation. However, the recent economic crisis, как ни странно, a positive impact on the cost of the holiday in this country. And if you are lucky enough to buy last minute in Iceland, стоимость which is available to most residents of Russia with an average income, the journey to this country will be doubly enjoyable. The cold beauty of Iceland and a very hot temper of its inhabitants - an interesting combination for the traveler.

In the east of Iceland is the region called Eystyurland. One of the largest cities in the region is the town of Egilsstadir, which is certainly worth visiting for a dive in the wonderful atmosphere of the nature of this part of the country. Egilsstadir is the main city Flёtsdalskherad community.

Итак, what's interestnig, mysterious and fascinating guests will find Iceland in this city and its surroundings? Primarily, Lagarfljot lake. This amazing natural body of water is the main attraction of the city. Lagarfljot is often compared to Loch Ness. This comparison is based on ancient legends, associated with lakes.

It's not a secret to anybody, that of Loch Ness in Scotland mention in the first place, as a place, which is home to the famous monster. Nessie - the so-affectionately known as the Scots mysterious inhabitant of the dark lake water. About Lagarfljot also attend various legends, telling about the terrible snake, living in its waters. Needless to say, These stories not only scare away tourists, but on the contrary serve as a magnet, attracting guests in Egilsstadir.

The atmosphere of mystery around the lake and his unusual occupant is warmed by the presence of ancient written documents, dated 1345 year, in which mention is made of a huge unknown creature in the lake waters. Count, together with inexpensive vouchers in Egilsstadir you get and listen to stories of eyewitnesses session, которые утверждают, seen Lagarfloutskoe monster. According to them,, being has a length of about 100 meters and looks very similar to a giant snake. Believe Do these stories or not - it is your, but talk about the monster with someone from the talkative citizens will bring you a lot of pleasure.

On behalf of the beast - Lagarfloutsormurinn - called boat, plying the waters of the lake. It is a pleasure boat, a journey which will evaluate all the beauty of the lake and its shores. During the walk you will see one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland Hengifoss (118 m). Among the natural attractions are also interested in the largest forest area in the country - Hallormsstadarskogur, which originates in the vicinity of Egilsstadir.

Tours in Egilsstadir, Iceland

Today Egilsstadir - it is the largest of the cities in Eastern Iceland, developing metropolis, which is interesting not only for its natural, and cultural, architectural, historical and gastronomic attractions. In the city of University College acts, opened a regional library with a huge stock and archive. Кроме того, the city is known as the commercial center of the region.

Another remarkable Egilsstadir, that this city is the gateway to Iceland because, it is here that travelers arrive by ferry from the mainland. Eastern Iceland, where the city, - It is a wonderful place for a tour, and for eco-tourism. Magnificent scenery Egilsstadir and surrounding intricately combined with the architectural look of the city. Especially interesting in this regard, the town church, stands out against the general architectural appearance.

Being in Iceland, It will certainly be a good rasprobovat traditional cuisine, which is replete with seafood specialties and dishes from meat, in particular, lamb. Icelandic cuisine more in tune with the Norwegian: if you are lucky enough to take advantage of discounts for inexpensive tours to Norway and visit this wonderful country, the gastronomic features of Iceland certainly will seem vaguely familiar. Это, однако, does not mean, that Iceland did not have enough of its flavor and identity. This northern country has a special character… Have a good trip!

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