Learn English grammar and cramming?

Learn English grammar and cramming?

Of people, interested in English, It can be divided into two types. some believe, that learning a language is impossible without studying the grammar stage, others honestly believe, that grammar is not so important. the main thing, to the source, who is a native speaker was able to understand you, Therefore it is important knowledge of vocabulary.

What is the situation in the end folds? Of course, learn a set of words and to speak foreign language interlocutor something like: "Yesterday I was a movie going", but the problem is, that communication is not always just do the household level. such knowledge, or rather ignorance, english grammar will be sufficient to purchase products or order in a cafe, but to have a business conversation will not be sufficient. After all, in business communication is important not only what you say, what words use, but exactly how do you do it. Most often, for the, to pull knowledge of grammar, a tutoring business people come. Yes, and that there may be strange, in fact possess Practical English Grammar it is important to communicate with foreign partners and networking at various official receptions.

Для того, so as not to lose face at business communication, knowledge of the theory it is imperative to constantly and tirelessly to reinforce the practice.

How exactly you will learn English grammar - your private affair. But the chosen method should correspond to the, what and why you want to get in the end. What is the ultimate purpose of the study of grammar? If you are driven by the desire to speak English freely, as a mother tongue, here you need a serious base grammar theory. Ideally, if in the end you will not translate in your head sentences from Russian into anliysky and then issue their interlocutor, and will automatically give out the necessary information in English, without hesitation, on the machine, thinking when dealing with English-language companion in English. It is not so difficult, as you might imagine.

Для того, that you have seen how important it is not easy to have a certain vocabulary, but also to speak correctly, remember your feelings when talking to an illiterate person. After hearing the obvious errors in his voice or seeing a huge number of spelling mistakes in the letter you start to take it captive, as human inferior, man, deprived of the mental faculties. If you do not want, so in another country because you perceive, the English should learn and master them at a high level, constantly improving. It is enough to make the effort and you will be the next Everest conquered.

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