Unique routes for experienced travelers

Experienced travelers are constantly looking for new tourist routes. They know, that should be in great shape: mighty easy, Trained legs and good general physical condition. Besides, major routes require serious hardware, secure shoes, clothes, which is easy to use and will not interfere with walking, and thirst for adventure ....


GR20, France. This 15-day trip to Corsica requires great effort, but it is memorable because of the incredible diversity of landscapes and this is not all, what can please Tours in France. The traveler must pass through forests and craters, glacial lakes and snow-capped peaks, colorful plains and icy patches. created in 1972 year, GR20 links Calenzano settlement (Calenzana) the town of Conca (basin), north of Porto-Vecchio (Porto Veccio).


Pace Dgon (Dogon country), Had. This is one of the most beautiful regions in Africa. Routes of this area can extend from 2 to 10 days. Dogon villages are located among the rocks, and their inhabitants are known for dancing on stilts, original doors and homes, are built on, it would seem, inaccessible cliffs.


Everest routes, Nepal. reaching 5545 meters to Cala Pattar (Kala Pattar), this 3-day itinerary is very popular with travelers, preferring a serious test. height, to overcome on the way, giddily, but they can be quickly get used.


Ovyerlend (Overland), Австралия. Wild Tasmania crossed the 80-kilometer route Overland. Meandering between Mount Gredl (Cradle) and Lake St. Clair, which is the deepest on the continent, road runs through steep cliff, moorlands, colorful lakes and vast forests.


The Narrows, USA, This challenging 26-kilometer route is laid along the course of Virginia rivers. It crosses several canyons and can be completed in one day.

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