The device membrane keyboard

The device membrane keyboard

Flexible membrane keyboard - made product, consisting of several layers. Designed to control various appliances. The upper parts of these keyboards are faceplates devices. The bottom line is, that under the buttons products placed special conductive pad. In other cases they are lacking, but then under the keys can be found membrane.

Device and connection

On one of the layers of plastic with a special paste paint scheme, He also performed with a flexible ribbon cable, allowing you to connect a keyboard to the appliance.

Pressing the button allows to close certain lines wiring, allowing subsequent device response. To avoid spontaneous closures, between them is another special layer, blocking such things. This is only one of the variants keyboards, there are many other. In this case there is a direct relationship to the complexity and density of the circuitry wirings, Additional elements may be used if necessary.

Sometimes the product is equipped with LED backlight. If there are a lot of elements, they do wiring on the same layer of plastic, a switching circuit in another. It does get a result more reliable.

Regarding durability, the many well-known fact, that such a keypad designed for several million clicks. Of course, any such product over time breaks. One reason - the upper layer of plastic cracks gradually, as it is constantly exposed to exploitation. The keyboard is a time function, but inside the buttons through the cracks penetrate dirt, and soon the performance comes to an end. This problem is known to many, and, noticing the first signs of corrosion, corny glued panel layer of transparent adhesive tape.

In the production of all the elements - flexible payment, panel and base are made of high quality materials. Manufacturing is not very complicated, and it is for this reason, these products are cheap enough. The customer can independently draw a sketch of such a keyboard, denoting all required features. These include coating Antiglare, the ability to install additional indicators, the creation of products of a certain thickness, and more.

With this in mind, we can conclude, that the film-type keyboard - it is reliable and robust mechanisms, who knowingly popular. It is for this reason, they are used by many manufacturers of equipment.

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