В Европу на байке

Several thousand kilometers away in Holland, Scotland and Finland, it has done on his bike…


How it all began!

Directly on the stone slabs, leading to the airfield, I sat a bearded man in long trousers, tight muscled calves, and he gazed at the plane takes off. real_sebrant4Next to him stood a mighty snow-white beauty bike.
– What are you doing here? – I asked.
– Every day I come to look at the planes, – melancholy, he told the. – I like looking at airplanes.
– And at night they will not interfere with sleep, He looked up from his contemplation of the airfield, He looked at me and said:
– I live in Amsterdam. It's quiet. I come here by bicycle. “idiot, – I thought, and wandered back to the car. – The city center is about thirty kilometers. It turns out, every day for sixty”.

My conviction, that move on the bike for long distances – it is nonsense, dispersed in three hours, and pass through three years 60 km a day on the bike it seemed 0_567c9_a6980e85_XLperfectly normal. In Holland 14 million people – 10 million bicycles. They go all – to and from work, for children in kindergarten and school children, police on bicycles patrol the streets, nuns and ride them in their monastic affairs, trying to, to garments edge did not get into the spokes. When all around on bicycles, stay on foot or four-wheel very difficult. by the way, even in the army in Holland during the war moved by a bike.

Due to short distances and completely flat landscape of this country has a long, phlegmatic and contemplative cycling trip. The only exception – Red Quarter Amsterdam: for many people, the evenings here, sometimes on foot and not protolkneshsya. In addition, consider the Puerto Rican ladies in red lit windows is absolutely necessary for a long time and thoughtfully – for nervous disorders, displease own figure, view over the bulk charms of these ladies has a calming effect.

by the way, bicycle riding, как, it turned, It can save a relationship with a man. I went after a terrible quarrel in his first long bike tour with 0_1baa7_e7eaed8e_XLboyfriend. It was then that we decided to go on a bus tour flattered more, what Polish visa it turns out quite quickly, but instead we decided to go to another tour. properly, prepared this journey can not be called: I made myself a sandwich, I grabbed a bottle of water, I left with him our common home, She untied the bike and rushed out of the city, do not hesitate, that'll go away and not come back. May be, I will stay the night in the forest and I was torn by wild beasts. A former will weep over my half-eaten by wolves assembled from pieces of the body and curse myself for, I was so selfish and stingy. About, that in civilized Europe wolves, ogres not found, I did not want to think. I pedaled until late at night – rather, until that moment, until I was stopped by a police patrol. No, not guessed, my private life they are not interested in – they asked, why I go without light at night. I honestly pointed to the broken flashlight my Oma-fiets – “Granny bike”, old Dutch model, which Camus even compared with mourning swans, moving around the country. Hung with lanterns peace officers strictly forbidden me to move down from the bike route.

– However, when you go to the center, you still have to cross the road. You are welcome, be careful.
– Sorry, that center? (According to my notions, I drove away from the town fifty kilometers.)
– Mefraw, you are a twenty minute drive from the city center. This circular bike path. Just a lot of trees here, and you do not notice, that you are going in circles.

The continued?

In Scotland, it was the opposite. Instead plains – the mountains, about which every child, He studied English at school, remembered lines from Burns – “in the mountains of my heart…”. The heart really starts pounding, but not because of the poetic impulses, but because the pedals uphill is not easy to twist.

The most remarkable velotropa – from Glasgow to Inverness – about 200 kilometers. It crosses the whole of Scotland. This is an old railroad, which removed the rails and sleepers, and then covered with sand and gravel and rammed for directions. 0_3fe61_f299839e_XLTheoretically, it should always go uphill, but in reality it is almost straight – locomotive to be comfortable.
On the sides of the road sometimes there are panels describing local attractions. This basically abandoned Scottish guard and hunting stone towers with tall windows, sockets. To get close to such a tower can only be illegally – I rolled down the embankment, on which there is a former railroad (a bike, true, I have to leave at the top – then back to not drag). Then
You have to climb over the barbed wire, followed by a walk on private land private sheep with colored bottoms (their color, to distinguish it from neighboring). In the UK, almost all the private land, and walking on it is forbidden to tourists. It disturbs not only tourists, but also local hiking enthusiasts, that there is no place to walk, so they penetrate the special law in the Parliament, allowing walking by, private lands.

In Scotland, I bought my first serious mountain biking. Cycle Touring Professionals can peck me, but I bought it from the hands of a stranger and, Furthermore, even knowing, which he brands. However, this did not prevent me to drive it a few thousand kilometers without a single failure. Forester, who sold me the bike, He claimed, the bike English, XL-Hysteria, and he just ripped off from it all labels, because he loves all natural. Curious brand I, of course, not found in any catalog.

The only downside, which constantly haunted me in my trips to Scotland, – murrain. All pedestrian ways because of it were blocked, and in a completely unpredictable places, because, it is determined that the owners of the surrounding lands. So that, if you gather to travel for some- the country, first learned, whether there are horrible diseases, prohibiting walking on the ground and ride on her bike.
FMD was related one more trouble – at the airport. shulz_goa3-13The thing is, that can be transported by plane bikes, only packed in a specially designed box. Nothing complicated about it: box you can ask the nearest bicycle shop (still throw them out). We need to screw the pedal bike, and deploy the wheel parallel to the frame. Then the whole thing is packed < and zamatyvaetsya tape. I, as in- for measuring passenger, and made, but at the airport told me, that the bicycle should undergo disinfection treatment antiyaschurnuyu. In Moscow, the bike came without a box and exploded. I'm just glad, that the small details are taken from the, putting them in a bag, and billed,

How to prepare for a bike ride

There is a grand myth, that it is impossible to travel by bike, if you have no technical training. Now, it is the same, that give up just because caravanning, you're not a mechanic. Personally, I only, that I can, – it replaced the punctured chamber, adjust the seat height so hang tore off the chain teeth. But in a way I have never encountered technical problems. And all because, that before the trip without fail come in bike shop and bike did a full inspection.

If you're going to pass over 50 kilometers, Be sure to replace the saddle on a wide ladies' – same shape, as on your old school bike, only gel. They are sold in a bicycle shop, it is best to just ask to replace the seat when buying a bike. You will avoid a huge number of bruises and abrasions.
0_3ce04_2b6bd7d4_XL It is important to choose the right clothes. From professional compulsorily required velotrusy, better with diapers, but will fit and the usual “Cycling”, which can be purchased anywhere. no jeans, shorts and other garments long bike tours will not stand, rather, they are not able to stand you yourself. When a person rides a bike on 100 kilometers per day, better to maximally protect the most delicate places.

Necessarily need veloryukzak – "pants”, which are mounted on the trunk, because to carry on your back for more than three kilograms is not recommended. В “pants” You can upload up 20 kg and pass dozens of kilometers a day, without straining. After the goods are not you taking, and bike. Many tourist club sew them to order.

0_64e1b_2a8b386f_XLAnd the most important thing – detailed map. You can buy them already in place, or to go to the center for the development of tourism, that is, at each embassy, and take it.
Another good find in the city veloklub – they will help with equipment and appliances, and only go to with them or one – a matter of taste.

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  1. Honestly, that did not know how to ride a bike and learned quite late in Belgium, which is not much different from the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, too, it was later and was proud, now I can stay on bike. In countries where there are all the conditions are not difficult to learn and ride. It is a pity that not all countries can move safely on the bike. In Scotland, I imagine it is not easy to ride. So I would not venture to take part in the bike ride must. Well, only if the friends will be with me.

  2. Cycling is not only the most popular and most enjoyable tool promotes weight loss, but also a good helper in the systematic expansion of horizons! Veloprobehy, These sports and positive action can be carried out collectively,, and alone, refusing to support. But every time, when I suggested to one of his friends to make a bike tour, followed by a question – out of town? Other options are considered only on the car. From this decision, many can not refuse and now. They do not know velostrast! Some would say it is a symbol of freedom, perhaps. For me it is the conquest of new horizons.

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