Великая Китайская стена – Восьмое чудо света

Великая Китайская стена - Восьмое чудо света

По величине занимаемой площади Китай стоит на третьем месте, after Russia and Canada. A country with a rich history, where coexist harmoniously ancient and modern. Its popularity among Russian tourists is increasing every year.

To visit the country to citizens of Russia need to get a Chinese visa. Unorganized travelers need to design individual visa, for groups issued a group visa. On the procedure for the visa and its cost can be found on the website of "Happy camper» veselyiturist.ru. There you will answer all your questions and help with registration forms.

Caught one in China, you'll just have to see the main attraction of the country – Great Wall of China, which is one of the oldest and most magnificent monuments of architecture of the Middle Kingdom. Interesting, it is a long fence 6 thousands of kilometers, often referred to as "the eighth wonder of the world". The Chinese consider the construction of the walls of one of the most tragic moments of its history.

According to written sources, construction of the wall was started around the III century BC and caused numerous raids of nomadic tribes on China. known, that at least one million people in the country were involved in the construction of the wall, most of whom died from the grueling work, disease and hunger.

The tragedy of the Majestic is, that the construction, it turned out to be bricked up a huge number of people - workers, POW, prisoners and peasants, which for nearly three thousand years we rebuilt wall. That is why, today it is a stone fence Chinese themselves are called "Wailing Wall".

During the construction of the wall was considered literally everything - from wide roads, ending the distance between the towers wall, which in turn are built in such a way, to the one of the tower could be seen two neighboring. This was done in order, to be able, when attacking enemies, send messages, using fire, alarm bell or drum roll. The wall is exactly 5,5 meters in width, so that it could pass on a convoy near the infantry in five people.

It has survived Wall (nine meters) and towers (twelve meters high). Despite, that wall repeatedly tried to carry, and the place of this building to pave the highway, China's government left wall, as an integral part of its past. To this end, a fund-raising among inhabitants of China were organized, которые, by the way, We were very successful.

Великая Китайская стена! The people of China has managed to keep this terrible historical monument as a warning to future generations ...

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