Water scooter

Water scooterWater scooter or, in other words, jet ski - it is a certain class of water vehicles, such-a-kind motorcycle, which is moved solely by water. Water scooter as well as high-speed sailing yachts, It is very popular.

Purpose and the number of places they can be divided into three groups:

Tourist or family hold for three to four people, sufficiently resistant to water and very easy to manage, and does not require exams to get driving rights.

Sports and tourism are more maneuverable than the tourist.

Sport Jet Ski unlike previous calculated per person, they are lighter and thus are able to develop more speed. They can heartily polihachit, performing various tricks on the condition of certain skills.

Standing sports aquabikes so named because it is possible to manage only standing. They are narrow and have low weight. To manage this scooter you need to start to be trained.

Despite its extremity, Jet considered safe mode of water transport. In the motion it causes water cannon, which is much safer screw boats and motor boats. When falling from the scooter is no danger of water to be wounded blades. Tormozov has not hydrocycle, to stop because it is necessary to interrupt the operation of the engine and start it again. He is got the key, which attaches to clothing manager. If you fall from the scooter and scooter crashes key stops, then, pokachivayasy of voluntary, waiting for the return of the "master".

The need to wear life jackets as safety, be sure the driver and his passengers. Кроме этого, not interfere with special glasses, that will protect the eyes from corrosive salt spray.

The main danger of water scooters - collision. In this regard, it is impossible to ride them in the beach area, as well as among the bathers, because there is a big risk not to notice human, thus knocking him at high speed.

Water scootering - certainly, the kind of leisure, which is worth a try to fans of extreme sports, but it is important to comply with the security measures for themselves and passengers, and for others.

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