Selecting the balance for winter fishing

Selecting the balance for winter fishing

About, how to choose a balancer for winter fishing know any professional, always ready to share with beginners tips.

Useful Tips for beginners

Before, how to study particular selection of the balance for winter fishing is necessary to understand the habits of winter fish. The first thing you need to visually inspect the movement of bait: how it unfolds, rejected, leaving aside whether and how long back again. Can observe the bait through hole at a shallow depth, being careful at the same pulse for each transmission phase the rod.

Since most varieties of fish in the cold inactive, during its capture experts recommend beginners to use small tricks. For example, pike perch unlike prefers to capture prey completely. Perch is missing proffered bait in the middle, as if pulling it together with water. In the spring of this process seems to be more aggressive, on winter days the lure moves slightly. In more detail the process can consider equipping balancer in malokleve tee with a long forearm. Due to the length and low weight, in this balance more likely to be swallowed up by a fish, while bait will always remain in place.

Great choice balancers presented on this site:

varieties balancers

balancers, found on a fishing domestic market, There are three main design varieties. It is not only the product with plastic wings, but similar metallic models, instead of flaps which are installed fur brush. All the increasingly popular balancers silicone on a metal frame, Not so long ago appeared on the shelves of Russian stores.

"Game" balance

Talking further about, a rocker to choose one can not forget about the peculiarities of the "game" of this type of fishing gear for the winter. If the object of the hunt is the pike, necessary to make the calm twitching, for redfish they should be bolder: sharp swing, but a small. The tempo should be alternated, since the same type of wiring is almost no chance of success.

Selecting the balance for winter fishing has its own characteristics. modern developers, by experiments were able to find out, that for optimal energetic twitching embodiment are triangular flaps, the use of combined tail can provide more nimble reversal bait. Finally, if you do not know any professional winter angling, information that, how to choose a balancer for winter fishing can always shop managers. In the specialized retail outlets you will be sure to offer to buy the bait of bright colors. Hastening is not necessary, since all the same practice shows, in muddy water it is best to use a rocker discreet brown colors, and a transparent water more effective result will show a dark coloration bait.

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