Взрослая сказка моей юности!

Взрослая сказка моей юности!

There is no bad weather! And that's not the word. Each season has its charms. Spring - the nature wakes up, everything is blooming and fragrant. Summer - Sea, the sun, sand. Autumn - gold and purple forest. Winter snow, sled, skiing.

Each time, their fans. Lovers of swimming and sunbathing, of course, give their preference to fly. And they, who loves to slide across the ice on skates, walks on skis, admiring the beauty of the winter forest, of course, say "yes!»winter.

Actually, surprisingly, in winter, fans are not quite enough. I myself love winter, but summer, not really liking, It is seen by the fact, that summer we sultry. The heat breath catches. And the endless sandstorms. The grass does not have time to please the eye. Sun quickly cracked down on it, month does not pass, and all burned. In a word - Lower Volga.

Another thing is the winter. The air is fresh, frosty. Snow crunches underfoot. I remember youth. Then I still lived in Siberia. She studied in Novosibirsk. studentship. My lovely student years ... Every year on winter vacation skied in hiking. The instructor developed routes. Two weeks was carried out active preparation. And forward!

Winter forest! Is there anything in life that is beautiful. Pines. Ate-beauty, decorated with snow caps. Inadvertently zadenesh the branch and the ball is already on your head. Then go in after. Ahead of the instructor and has already experienced hikers, which campaigns have become commonplace. middle beginners. We conclude the column as experienced, strong guys.

Ski track nakatana going ahead, skiing slide, like clockwork. But, God forbid you, if poorly buttoned fastening shoes and jumped out of it. Snow loose. If consider, that behind very heavy backpack, vyaznesh in the snow from the belt. Closing immediately gives the command, stop the whole column. otherwise, until troubleshoot, You can not catch up with the rest.

We used to have a good ski bindings was a luxury. keep, like a jewel. It is now, some just do not have skis. As it looked at Deluxe Sport website - Shop Winter products because eyes run, which just is not there! Not only are all sorts of skiing, on every occasion, and impregnating, ointment, Paraffin, all kinds of ski accessories. What kind of ski bindings, boots. Yes! Of such we do not even dream.

AND, nevertheless we were happy ..., merry, young. We walked from the parking lot to parking lot. We look into the most remote villages, sometimes so neglected, that naves winter, They were denied due to the "mainland". They stock up on food for the whole winter to autumn. Bread baked themselves.
If there were more or less the conditions, something like clubs, that we will represent them to their concert program. surprisingly, in such neglected corners, live so kind and grateful people. It would seem, the severity of their life must have been them harden. Hunting, no! It turns out Siberian character - it is not just the severity of, but also the extraordinary breadth of the soul!

And who spend the night in the winter forest? In a tent? This is a special story. After a long day's shoot with your shoulders very heavy backpack and a feeling of weightlessness .... It seems, you're a feather, on your feet no load. Words, it is difficult to convey a sense of, it is necessary to experience the.

Overnight in tents in the winter forest
And then, CUT is the fluffy coniferous spruce branches and strewn them in several layers of snow, trodden underfoot especially under the tent. And it Tents. Then of course dinner around the campfire singing with a guitar. And the tents, sleeping in, wet socks on bare belly, until the morning to dry. You Know, a sweet dream! Frosty fresh air mixed with the amazing pine scent.

Parking. Dinner by the fire in the winter forest

These trips I still believe a fairy tale for adults, and sometimes even winter evenings, special, when the court of the storm, and the house cozy and warm, I tell them about the grandchildren.

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