Take a loan secured by real estate (apartments)

Take a loan secured by real estate (apartments)

Bank lending for consumer purposes has become the most popular financial transaction. If you want to take an impressive amount, banks may issue loan secured by an apartment.

Making collateral secured

Participates in financial transactions private property becomes the guarantor of the integrity of the applicant. Issues of interest accrual rates should be considered on an individual basis. The loan granted by 2 to 5 years with the right of the bank to monitor the client's costs with or without. In the first case, be sure to stipulate allowable expenditure.

If executed loan secured by real estate, the following items may be brought to the financial transaction:

  • pryvatyzyrovannaya apartment;
  • own house;
  • allotment of land;
  • Cottage construction.

The customer must present the lender original certificate of title. If the subject of pledge is an apartment or a private building, you will need to document, confirming the absence of debts for communal property such.

Also, the borrower will have to prepare a certificate, which records the registration of all persons on this residential area. A very important aspect of the question appears in the absence of a registration of minors. By law, no financial institution has no right to issue a pledge for this property.

Types of collateral

The property, provided as collateral, It must be insured. If this issue is dealt with financial institution, the client may be "imposed" additional conditions for the insurance. And The performed collateral assessment clearly exhibited in the smaller size of the real cost. This clever move will allow the bank to earn in the event placed on sale of property.

At the request of the person can be credited to engage an independent expert. The receipt and the corresponding report should be provided to the bank.

Focusing on the owner of the property, You can arrange bail in two ways.

  1. In the first case the borrower remains the same owner. But the property is detained. These measures prohibit carry out any manipulation of the living space or plot of land.
  2. In the second case, the banking organization may request the temporary transfer of ownership. This condition will be valid throughout the loan period. Inverse manipulations will be made upon full repayment of the debt. And until the client is legally deprived of their square meters.

note! This approach is used to address the issue non-bank financial institutions.

Provide documentation

credit card representative conducts a detailed consultation with the borrower. The purpose of dialogue is the accuracy of all data provided and confidence in the client's ability to pay the required amount. The following documents for the registration of bank services:

  • Original passport of the citizen of the country;
  • document for the right to possession of the object of collateral;
  • provision of technical passport;
  • characterization of the Bureau of Technical Inventory;
  • information about all the prescription per square meter;
  • confirmation of the absence of veto on the alienation of the apartment area;
  • the original identification number.

Be prepared to provide a certificate from a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist of health. Also in favor of a positive decision to play an income statement. Only the amount should be adequate amount of funds lent. You can attach a certificate of the amount of taxes paid.

methods of payment

One of the options could be even repay the loan throughout the whole period. Interest is calculated on the residual amount of lending.

The second method involves the introduction of small amounts of debt. These calculations include the accrued interest. Founded residual debt is paid off the last delivery.

In any case, you need to carefully study the subject of the contract and find out all the questions before the start of the transaction!

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